What is an Ironing Board Holder?

Misty Amber Brighton

An ironing board holder is a device used to hang an ironing board. This item is typically constructed of steel or aluminum. It might attach to the top of an interior door or could be mounted to a wall with screws or nails. Some models also have a space for storing an iron and other related supplies, such as a spray bottle or can of starch.

An iron.
An iron.

This product is normally made of a lightweight metal. Aluminum or steel is often used because these materials are also heat-resistant. In some cases, the metal pieces might have a vinyl coating.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

An ironing board holder usually has two hooks along its bottom edge. The legs of the ironing board are then placed into these hooks, with the top surface of the ironing board hanging downward. The ironing board itself is generally stored flat against the wall or door that the holder is attached to.

One of the common varieties of ironing board holder is an over-the-door type. This device could have one or two hooks that can be attached to the top of a door, then allowed to hang freely. This product does not normally need to be attached with hardware, such as screws or nails. It can sometimes interfere with the opening and closing of a door unless there is one or two inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) of free space at its top.

This storage item can also be mounted directly to the wall. It typically needs to be attached with drywall screws. This type can be placed at various heights to accommodate different sized users. Once it is placed in a particular spot, it can sometimes be a problem to move it again. Also, there may be holes left in the wall when it is taken down.

In addition to holding an ironing board, this device can sometimes also provide storage for an iron and one or two spray bottles or cans. These items are normally placed on the top of the ironing board holder, in areas designed specifically for them. They are usually secured tightly, so there is no need to worry about them falling off and causing an injury to the user.

An ironing board holder can help a person be more organized and save space. It is usually inexpensive and easy to install. For these reasons, this product can be a good choice for use in a home, apartment, or office.

Ironing board holders may have extra storage space for items like spray bottles.
Ironing board holders may have extra storage space for items like spray bottles.

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