What is an Iron Trellis?

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An iron trellis is a trellis made from wrought iron. A trellis is a piece of decorative metal that plants climb around and up as they grow. There are several different types of iron trellises including smaller kinds for plant pots and larger ones for yards.

Larger iron trellises include single and multiple panel types. Multi-panel trellises are much like folding screens used as room dividers in homes. They can be placed in a yard to create a section such as a sitting area or block off a view of something such as a road. Single panel iron trellises are often placed against buildings so that climbing plants are displayed on the wall. An iron trellis full of roses set behind an attractive garden bench is a classic look for a rose garden.

Smaller iron trellises are designed to fit inside a plant pot or window box. These trellises can add an extra level as well as more of a striking look to planters. Some wrought iron window boxes hold plant pots and the back of the box has a trellis for climbing plants.

There are many varieties of climbing plants suitable for trellises in containers or yards. Roses, ivy and grapevines are classics, but other attractive climbing plants include Virginia creeper, wisteria, honeysuckle, jasmine and black-eyed Susan. Climbing varieties of nasturtium and hydrangea can also look striking on an iron trellis.


The great thing about an iron trellis is that it can look decorative even without much plant life covering it. Many iron trellises feature either a square or diagonal openwork pattern. Some have decorative tops such as scroll shapes or metal motifs such as a sun, flowers or birds. Many iron trellises feature a peaked or Gothic style top. Most wrought iron trellises are black, but some are painted white or even a color such as a blue or green.

Wrought iron trellises date back to European gardens in the 1600s. The iron trellis has not only lasted in terms of fashion, but it is strong and durable in material and structure as well. Many iron trellises have a powder coated finish that is weather resistant.


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