What is an Internet Security and Acceleration Server?

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The Internet Security and Acceleration Server came after Microsoft’s® Proxy Server 2.0—it comes as part of Microsoft’s .NET framework. The server functions as both a web proxy server and firewall. The Internet Security and Acceleration Server firewall monitors packet, circuit, and application traffic across a network. Its web cache function stores and makes available all routinely-visited web content in an effort to lower traffic and offer quicker access to requested data.

Microsoft’s® Internet Security and Acceleration Server enables network administrators to formulate policies for managing their network usage based on user, group, application, and type of content being served. The server is designed to be used with Windows 2000® and later. A software development kit is included with the server software to give programmers an opportunity to add their own functionality.

The server software is available in both a Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Standard Edition is a more scaled-down software suite, able to support up to four processors. This edition is commonly used by small businesses with networks that don't have large demands. The Enterprise Edition is for large-scale networks and provides features for complex and varied network architecture. The Enterprise Edition also supports more than four processors.


The Internet Security and Acceleration Server is particularly useful for network administrators who are want heightened security and performance at a cost that is less expensive than other server suites. The server is able to minimize the threats posed by viruses and hackers through proactive usage policies and a strict and comprehensive firewall. The server is quick to alert the administrator of any suspicious activity and performs its own reconnaissance on data transferred through the network.

Content can be published for remote access securely and conveniently with the Internet Security and Acceleration Server. The software allows web application servers to be made available for remote access to users who are not part of the administrator’s network. The server screens all requests coming into the network and seeks to authenticate users, even monitoring encrypted traffic coming into the network. The software comes equipped with automated publishing that allows content to be uploaded and served quickly.

Companies use the Internet Security and Acceleration Server to communicate with their branch locations securely and without using too many network resources. The software provides "http" compression and a virtual private network capability that makes it easy for companies to expand the breadth of their networks. The software's content-caching function also helps limit the amount of time and bandwidth companies use to facilitate communication across their networks.


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