What is an Interior Design Game?

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An interior design game is an interactive activity in which an individual can play the part of a designer. There are interior design games aimed at different target audiences. Some of these games use cartoon-like graphics and challenge the player to decorate the cartoon character's dollhouse or bedroom. These types of design game are often produced by Internet marketing companies as a way of featuring free virtual games while providing a website to create advertising revenue. Many more types of interior design game are presented on interiors company websites and aimed at adult décor buyers.

For example, some flooring, cabinet, and other interior design product manufacturers feature an interactive tool on their website that allows potential customers to try out their products in a virtual room setting. The interior design game's setting options may include different room choices such as a living room, bathroom, or kitchen. After the website visitor clicks on a choice, the photographic image of a room appears. Further options may allow the player to choose from different room styles such as contemporary, traditional, or country.


At that point, the interior design game really gets underway as the player is presented with usually hundreds of different color and product options from which to decorate the basic room selected. Typical interior design games include many furnishing options, from paint and furniture to cabinets and flooring. A flooring company may work in partnership, or affiliation, with a paint company and provide links to each others' websites. These free games can interest decor buyers for hours, and during that time, they may be exposed to many different interior design products that they may be interested in purchasing.

Many of these interior design games allow the user to save product numbers and colors to refer to again. While most design games are free on manufacturer's websites, some companies want users to sign up for the game. A free newsletter may also be offered by the manufacturer to the interior design game participant.

Simple clicks of a computer mouse are all that are usually necessary to change the looks of the rooms in most interior design games. For instance, a single click can change the paint color in the kitchen setting from pink to yellow or the bathroom flooring from linoleum to slate. Seeing products and colors in the virtual images used in an interior design game can help home decor buyers to visualize their decorating options.


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