What is an Insurance Advocate?

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An insurance advocate is a consumer advocate who works with people as they consider the purchase of an insurance policy, assists with negotiations between policyholders and insurance companies, and helps people get the most out of their insurance policies. The goal of the insurance advocate is to make sure that the rights of the consumer are protected, and to make consumers aware of the fine details on their insurance policies.

One field in which insurance advocates are tremendously helpful is the health insurance field. It is very difficult to shop for health insurance policies, and an advocate can help consumers navigate the process. The advocate clearly explains the options available, talks about the real costs associated with an insurance policy, and helps consumers determine what is covered, and when the policy will take effect. Insurance advocates are familiar with the terminology of the industry, and they can cut through confusing language to the core of the policy.

For people who already have insurance, an insurance advocate can help people secure benefits. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to deny benefits or provide limited benefits, and it can help to have an advocate to help out with negotiations. Advocates can read the policy to get all the details, examine the communications sent by the insurance company, and determine whether or not the insurance company's denial is reasonable.


Insurance advocates can be especially helpful for people who are trying to use their insurance in a foreign country. Some insurance policies will provide coverage to people while traveling, and others will not, and travelers sometimes become confused and frustrated when dealing with the health care system of another nation. Insurance advocates can help patients negotiate with care providers, determine whether or not a policy provides coverage, and help people get coverage.

Ideally, an insurance advocate should be consulted before buying a policy, to get advice on the best available choices and plans. Once someone has an insurance plan and needs to use it, an advocate can be helpful when it comes to submitting claims, dealing with the insurance company, and getting a productive response. The insurance advocate, acting on behalf of the consumer, can also renegotiate an existing policy to bring the costs of the policy down, expand coverage, and make other modifications which may be beneficial to the consumer. Renegotiation can be very important when one's insurance needs changing and the policy will not meet them.


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