What is an Inflatable Party Platform?

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An inflatable party platform may be just the thing to inject life into a party or gathering. Made of PVC, inflatable party platforms are built for use in the pool or on the lake, providing hours of entertainment. Designed for high durability, they are usually resistant to much of the abuse to which fun-seekers may subject them.

When you want a fun, colorful place to sit, lounge, and party on the water, an inflatable party platform fits the bill. Inflatable party platforms typically feature tough, leak proof construction, making time spent on the water not only fun-filled, but also safe. Some inflatable party platform manufacturers even provide guarantees against leakage.

Inflatable party platforms are easy to fill with air from motorized pumps. Using power from a regular electrical outlet, these pumps make short work of filling platforms, often completing the job in just a matter of minutes. In fact, some smaller platforms inflate in 30 seconds or less.

An inflatable party platform may include such features as cup holders, snack trays, and cooler compartments, making it easy for the whole gang to enjoy cool treats on the hottest of days. Many have handy attachments for connecting with other platforms or floating devices. You can even purchase an inflatable party platform with a decorative palm tree attached to it for a bit of shade.


Inflatable party platform prices vary depending on the manufacturer, construction quality, and any extras that are included. Keep in mind that lower-priced platforms may not be of the same quality as pricier versions. For many, spending a few extra dollars is worth it to keep friends and family safe on the platform.

In addition to party platforms designed for use on the water, there are inflatable platforms intended for partying on land. Like the floating variety, land-based inflatable platforms are usually constructed of rugged PVC. Many incorporate fun games and activities such as jousting. You can even find an inflatable party platform that rocks back and forth as you attempt to knock your opponent off with a foam-padded stick.

You can purchase an inflatable party platform online or at a store. Often, sporting goods and camping-supply businesses sell party platforms. Some party-supply companies carry them as well. These fun party inflatables typically roll up for easy transportation. Many are sold with their own carrying cases.


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