What is an Industry Market Report?

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An industry market report is an ongoing print or electronic publication that provides important data regarding what is happening with a given industry and how those activities affect that industry in the marketplace. While the focus of different types of industry market reports will vary, most will provide current information about the market performance of major players in those markets, and announcements of upcoming activities within the industry. Many of these industry reports will also include projections of future movements for the industry, and even details of recent news events and how those events may have short-term or long term impacts on the industry as a whole.

Industry experts and market analysts are often frequent contributors to any industry market report. Depending on the scope of coverage provided by a given report, these experts may craft articles that concentrate in great detail on a given event or projection, providing investors with access to varying opinions regarding the events and ideas of what will come to pass as a result. This type of market intelligence is often found side by side with statistical data that is relevant to the industry, and collected from different markets in which that industry actively participates.


It is not unusual for an industry market report to include a section that is concerned strictly with new items that are relevant to the targeted industry. For example, news that a key player in a leading company is resigning, or that a well-respected industry leader is merging with a competitor would be noted in the news section. Often, the information found within the new section will provide the basis for industry consultant to offer educated speculation regarding how those events will make a difference in both the marketability of the companies involved and the industry overall.

While an industry market report once appeared mainly in printed form and tended to be published on a weekly basis, this has changed over the years. Beginning in the 1980s, fax editions of a few publications were made available. The advent of the Internet as a main source of information has also broadened the audience for most examples of the industry market report, making it possible to read the content online or even download the report in one or more file formats. This in turn has led to the creation of a number of market analysis reports that are updated on a daily basis, providing investors with faster access to information that may be important to buying and selling activity.


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