What Is an Indian Omelette?

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An Indian omelette is a spicy traditional breakfast or lunch dish in eastern Indian cuisine. This type of omelette incorporates a florid boutique of Indian spices and vegetables. The egg dishes vary, with each Indian region adding its own special combination of spices and other ingredients to create a wonderfully diverse regional dish. A favorite among busy commuters, Indian omelettes are quickly made and sold by railway station vendors for easy eating on the run.

Ingredients differ based on location and preference. Most Indian omelette recipes boast fresh eggs, minced onion and herbs such as coriander; jeera, also called cumin; cilantro; fennel seeds; and red pepper flakes. Tumeric, paprika and the ubiquitous Indian curry also might be used. Fresh, diced tomatoes might be added for a decidedly luscious egg and tomato omelette. Some people add garbanzo beans, green chilies or green peas to add a brunch-styled flair to their Indian omelette.

The eggs are whipped first, then crafted into a light and lathery liquid. Herbs, onions and other soft vegetables are stirred in quickly. The omelette is poured into a large, unheated skillet greased with sunflower or canola oil. Depending on the quantity of eggs, both sides of the Indian omelette are adequately cooked in about two to three minutes total. It is a delightfully light and easy meal for busy mornings.


Indian omelettes are rather flat and browned, unlike American and European omelettes that are yellow and fluffy. Unlike those other omelettes, an Indian omelette is packed full with vegetables and spices. Creative cooks might add exotic ingredients such as besan, coconut flakes, curry leaves, plain yogurt and tomato chutney. Herbs must be adjusted accordingly to prevent the Indian omelette from becoming too bland or so spicy that the herbs drown the delicate vegetable flavors.

An Indian omelette can be served with salad for a light lunch or as a midday appetizer before a heavy dinner. For breakfast or a late dinner, a side dish of toast is perfect. Thanks to the vegetables and spices, the Indian omelette is loaded with nutrition and antioxidants, and it is low in calories.


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