What is an Incontinence Clamp?

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An incontinence clamp is a device intended for males to help prevent urine leakage. It clamps onto the end of the penis and keeps urine flow from exiting and then comes off easily when the wearer wants to use the restroom or shower. There are several benefits to using an incontinence clamp when compared to using conventional pads or disposable undergarments.

Incontinence is an issue which can be caused by various conditions including an overactive bladder, the inability to empty the bladder, and stress incontinence due to weak pelvic floor muscles. This results in a loss of bladder control, which can lead to urine leakage, sometimes suddenly and without warning. Many find this to be an embarrassing problem, leading them to purchase items to help avoid urine leakage in public settings. Pads and disposable undergarments are common choices, with the incontinence clamp being a more recent option for men with the condition.

The incontinence clamp works by fitting onto the end of the penis. It is tight enough to close off the exit of the urethra, or tube in which urine is passed, while still being comfortable enough to wear. Most versions are crafted of pliable plastic and sometimes foam to sit against the skin for added comfort. Circulation is not generally affected because only the top and bottom of the penis are held in the clamp, with the sides being free. The simple design cuts off urine flow to prevent embarrassing leakage.


Benefits of using an incontinence clamp rather than pads or disposable undergarments are that it doesn’t add bulk beneath clothes and it can be worn with anything. The former options are not suitable for use with swimming trunks and certain other clothing, but the clamp is small enough to go unnoticed while still doing its job. It may also be more economical because generally only one clamp is needed and it can be washed and reused, while disposable pads and underwear must be replaced after each usage.

Most incontinence clamp models are adjustable to fit the size of any individual penis. The clamp should fit snugly enough to prevent urine flow, but should not feel uncomfortable or tight around the shaft of the penis. Once the clamp is in place underwear and clothes can be put on as usual.


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