What is an ID Bracelet?

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An ID (identification) bracelet is typically a sterling silver or gold chain dangle bracelet with an in-line solid rectangular plate on which the owner’s name is engraved. These traditional, attractive bracelets are made for both men and women, with the purity of the metal, chain style, gauge and plate size being determinative factors that differentiate models. Adult ID bracelets range in quality and price from under $20 US Dollars (USD) to $200 and more.

Commonly a buyer will have the jeweler engrave a first name on the ID bracelet nameplate. Women’s bracelets are normally engraved in a scripted font that resembles handwriting, while men’s ID bracelets are sometimes engraved in printed block letters. Some people opt to have their initials engraved instead of a name, or they might have a nickname put on the bracelet. Because the ID bracelet is personalized and so attractive, it is often given as a gift to that special someone, to a friend, or to a family member.

Some ID bracelets can double as charm bracelets. The charms are hung from the links of the chain that attach to the nameplate. An ID bracelet might be a young girl’s first item of jewelry and can be a highly appreciated and prized gift. It might mark a special occasion such as a religious rite of passage, graduation from one grade to the next, or a special birthday. A date or short inscription can also be engraved on the underside of the nameplate.


A special type of ID bracelet known as a medical alert ID serves a very practical function. The bracelet is worn to let emergency personnel know if the bearer is allergic to medications or foods, is taking medication or has a medical condition that might impact treatment. The top of the nameplate features a snake coiled around a staff, the traditional emblem for medicine.

Some parents, concerned for their children, have opted to get children’s ID bracelets. This is a different type of ID bracelet that more resembles a brightly colored Velcro watch strap without the timepiece. The strap holds one or two tags that contain name, address and phone number. A child’s ID bracelet does not dangle and is worn for practical reasons only, though a child might like the bright watch-like strap.

Traditional ID bracelets are available in the jewelry section of most department stores. Inexpensive medical alert bracelets are available pre-engraved from pharmacies, or custom medical alert ID bracelets can be ordered through various vendors on and offline. Children’s ID bracelets are also available online, and might also be available at some local department stores.


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