What Is an Eyebrow Stimulator?

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People who have over-plucked or patchy eyebrows can use an eyebrow stimulator to try to stimulate eyebrow growth. Applied directly to the skin, its purpose is to create thicker, fuller eyebrows or to stimulate damaged hair follicles to grow again. The eyebrow stimulator liquid is applied daily using a handy wand. Hair growth results can be expected within six to eight weeks. These products provide a beauty solution for people who tire of drawing on eyebrows with a pencil or are reluctant to have eyebrows tattooed on the face.

An eyebrow stimulator claims to stimulate eyebrows to grow thicker and quicker than before, with results apparent after about six weeks. It is a liquid mixture that is applied to the eyebrow area. Bald patches or gaps in the eyebrows can be filled with new hair growth, and thin eyebrows can be plumped up and made fuller.

Eyebrows can become over-plucked as a result of long-term plucking or a single overzealous plucking session. Similarly, thinning of the eyebrows can occur because of the aging process, causing an uneven, patchy look. Eyebrow pencils are often used to fill in the gaps, but pencil can rub off during the day and look unnatural. Tattooing also is performed, but this has a tendency to look unnatural up close. Eyebrow stimulators are sought after to produce a more natural look, with real hair growth.


An eyebrow stimulator resembles a mascara applicator. There is a small reservoir of liquid and an applicator brush attached to a screw-top lid. The lid doubles as a brush handle. The eyebrow stimulator solution is applied to the areas of the brows that require growth and is applied directly to the skin.

Eyebrow stimulators are a necessity for many people, because eyebrows shape the face and frame the eyes, contributing to a beautiful look. In addition, eyebrows show emotions through facial expressions. After the eyebrow stimulator has increased the thickness of the eyebrows, they can be carefully plucked and shaped to suit the face.

A consumer can ask a beauty store employee about eyebrow stimulators or search for them online. There are several brands from which to choose, and they contain ingredients such as silica, biotin, polypeptides, vitamin B and zinc. Manufacturers claim that these ingredients stimulate damaged hair follicles and increase hair growth rate and volume. Each eyebrow hair is stimulated to grow to a greater length and remain in place longer before falling out.


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Post 2

@burcinc-- Eyebrows can take a very long time to grow, about 2 months or more!

I have naturally very thin and sparse brows and have been using an eyebrow stimulator for a couple of months and it is working! I can see my brows growing longer and a few new ones coming out. Mine is an all natural stimulator. It is made of various natural oils and biotin.

You might be right about the price. Generally, the ones that work really well can a bit more pricey. But this doesn't mean that the more affordable ones are not going to work. I'd recommend checking ingredients lists for biotin and natural oils. I think they work!

Post 1

The one time I was too lazy to go to the beauty salon and tried to pluck my eyebrows at home, I accidentally over plucked one area. Now that spot won't grow back! I have stopped plucking and trimming my eyebrows altogether hoping that it is just taking a while to grow but I see nothing!

I have seen several eyebrow stimulators at stores but they are a bit on the pricey side and my best friend thinks that they don't really work and are a waste of money.

Has anyone used an eyebrow stimulator and have gotten results? I would love to hear some feedback. I need a solution to this problem fast!

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