What is an Eyebrow Shaper?

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An eyebrow shaper is any tool that allows the user to trim or comb the eyebrows into a desired shape. Typically, an eyebrow shaper is either a small comb or a battery powered tool also referred to as an eyebrow razor. The difference between the two is the razor tool trims and cuts the eyebrows to create the desired shape while the comb tool simply allows the user to smooth the eyebrows out. With the comb, any changes to the actual shape of the eyebrow must be made through trimming, plucking, or waxing.

To use the eyebrow razor tool, the user should first read the included instructions. Each tool is a little different and important information is included to make sure the eyebrows turn out as expected. Usually, the user places the tool at the front of the eyebrow, following the guidelines which show where to place it to create different shapes. Next, she slowly runs the eyebrow razor across the eyebrow like a comb while it trims and plucks the eyebrows. The down side of this type of eyebrow shaper include stubble and soreness.


The comb-like eyebrow shaper includes a stiff, plastic comb on one side and a soft bristled brush on the other. The user starts by combing the eyebrows into place with the stiff end. This works best when they are wet, often after getting out of the shower. To smooth the eyebrows out during the day, the user may brush the soft bristled brush across them for a quick touch-up. Disadvantages of the comb eyebrow shaper include having to wax or pluck eyebrows to create drastic changes and using a cheap tool that does not comb very well.

Trimming the eyebrows is usually necessary regardless of which tool is used. A woman can begin by plucking long eyebrow hairs that are growing in the wrong area with a pair of tweezers. To create an overall shape change, wax strips can be used across the eyebrows to get rid of excess hair. She can use the eyebrow comb after waxing to fine-tune the shape without hurting the sensitive skin.

Those who have a hard time getting their eyebrows into shape, may want to try visiting a beauty parlor that offers eyebrow waxing services. A stylist can wax and comb the eyebrows, often better than a user can do on her own. The stylist can also give helpful tips and advice for caring for the eyebrows at home. She may even recommend some eyebrow shaping tools to use in between waxing visits.


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Post 3

I shave my brows and they look perfect every time. I actually draw the shape I want with a stencil and white eye pencil first and then shave all the hairs that are outside of the line. It's so easy and works great.

Post 2

Plucking with tweezers is great for precise defining. Meaning, if there is just one or two hairs in the wrong place, it's easy to remove them with tweezers. But a lot of hairs have to be removed, then plucking is not the best way. It's painful and it's easy to over-pluck hairs making eyebrows too thin.

It's much better to use eyebrow shaping wax strips that are available at pharmacies and stores. They have detailed directions about how to use them and if the directions are followed carefully, too much hair will not be removed.

The only downside to eyebrow wax strips that I've experienced is that some of them are not sticky enough and don't remove the hair. I had to try several different brands before I found one that works for me.

Post 1

I use a stencil, along with eyebrow powder and a makeup brush to fill in and shape my eyebrows. I do my brows in the morning and it lasts all day. I think this is an easy and cost effective way to shape eyebrows.

Of course, those with full and thick eyebrows also need to maintain a shape by shaving or plucking extra hairs every now and again. My eyebrows are thin and fine, so that's usually not a problem for me. For me, shaping eyebrows just involves filling them in.

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