What is an Event Coordinator?

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Planning an event can be an arduous affair, especially if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Several factors have to come together on a particular date in order for the event to go off successfully. In addition, entertainment, equipment, and decorations have to be accounted for so that the guests are entertained while they are there. Instead of handling all the work yourself, you can hire an event coordinator. An event coordinator is a person who plans every aspect of a particular event and makes sure that the affair flows smoothly.

Hiring an event coordinator can be one of the best things you can do, especially for an important affair like a wedding or a corporate event. If you have never planned an event or need to plan one that is complicated, a coordinator can help you sort out the various factors that go into the occasion. He can help you with booking the appropriate venue, organizing the catering for the event, and making sure the place is appropriately decorated. They also help with putting together and booking entertainment and games if that is what your event requires. In all this, the event coordinator works with you in order to give you an event that you will be proud of.


One of the best parts about having an event coordinator on your side is that they are professionals. Because of this, they will generally remember to plan the things that you may forget or not know about. For instance, some events require permits. A coordinator can help determine if a permit is needed and can arrange to have one for your event on the day it is being held. They will also be in charge of several other factors including making sure the vendors are paid and marketing the event—passing out flyers or otherwise advertising it—if the nature of the event requires it.

Another good reason for hiring an event coordinator is the various contacts he may have. With the proper contacts, the coordinator can more easily accomplish the different aspects of the event in less time. Depending on the relationship he or she has with these contacts, you may even get a better price for the items in question. In addition, the coordinator will be the one who faces off with difficult people or problems that occur while the event is in progress. Having them deal with such hassles can spare your sanity and leave you free to just enjoy the event.


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Post 3

Mutsy - Wow. I didn’t know that there was so much thought that went into seating arrangements. I know that an event coordinator working for a hotel can also help you with the menu planning and provide you with referrals to other providers so that you can even plan a party or a wedding on your own if you choose too.

I have gotten some great referrals this way and I have never had a problem with any of my events. I even planned my own wedding this way and it was a fantastic event.

People love giving you additional referrals and event coordinators are no different. Sometimes if you mention that you were referred by the event coordinator the service provider might give you a discount or a better price on the service that you need.

Post 2

Cupcake15 - I know that for parties many event coordinators suggest doing a party on a Friday night instead of a Saturday night because you can save about 40% doing that.

Event coordinating has to always keep the customer’s budget in mind while providing an experience that exceeds their expectations.

They also offer assistance when selecting rooms and help you determine which is the best arrangement for you.

For example a round table set up is best for a small group of people that need to interact and their input is necessary. In this type of seating arrangement no one is in charge because everyone is equally valued.

A U shaped set up is excellent for training

meetings in which the trainer has to stand between the two sides in order to offer information equally to both areas of the room.

An oval or large rectangular setting is common in most meetings and allows those in charge to sit at the head of the table. These types of set ups are great when the boss is soliciting creative ideas.

Event coordinator duties also include following up with the client after the event to ensure that everything went well during the event. Keeping in touch with the client will help yield additional business and help foster a great relationship.

Post 1

I think that working as a special events coordinator would be fun. Planning a sales meeting for a client or coordinating the annual Christmas Party is really exciting.

People are generally happy and the when you pull everything off the day of the event and your client is happy it must feel incredible.

Many country clubs and hotels have event coordinators on staff to assist corporate clients as well as personal event clients plan an event.

They usually offer a series of menus based on a set price per person. They also offer beverage service such as coffee and sodas along with cookies and desserts for a typical meeting. Depending on your budget they can offer a wide variety of options that can really personalize your event.

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