What is an Entry Level Administrative Assistant?

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An entry level administrative assistant is a professional who assists in the more basic responsibilities of office administration. An entry level administrative assistant is typically one of at least two administrative professionals within an office, and handles much of the legwork of administrative tasks that may be otherwise planned and coordinated by a senior administrative professional. This assistant may also serve as the receptionist of the organization, greeting visitors and fielding incoming calls, as well as a customer service representative or data entry clerk, providing basic administrative support for the organization.

When most job ads refer to basic or entry-level administrative responsibilities, they generally include such tasks as opening and distributing mail, printing, collating and copying documents, filing, and typing. An entry-level administrative assistant is also typically the staff member responsible for procuring refreshments for meetings, which may include ordering and picking up lunches or making coffee and tea. Running errands, picking up office supplies, and other intern-type responsibilities can also be part of an entry-level administrative assistant position.


One of the main functions of an entry level administrative assistant is to provide support to other administrative professionals within an office, such as office managers, senior administrative assistants, or executive assistants. This might mean assisting with taking inventory of office supplies and placing supply orders, assisting with event planning and coordination for special functions, and preparing special company documents or packages. Whereas the more senior administrative professional is responsible for the decision-making and content of administrative materials, he or she will often delegate the preparation of the materials to an entry-level administrative assistant.

The title of entry-level administrative assistant can also be used as a broader term to describe positions such as receptionist, customer service rep, filing clerk or data entry clerk, if the position requires a low level of training and specialized skills. Although most entry level positions do not require a lot of previous professional experience or training, the competitive nature of the job hunt may mean that someone who has those qualifications could have a competitive advantage in securing an entry level administrative assistant job. The entry-level title also implies room for growth within the organization, such as a promotion to a more senior administrative position.


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