What is an ENT Surgeon?

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An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon is a doctor who has been trained in treating a person’s ears, nose, and throat surgically. An ENT surgeon may treat individuals who have a wide range of diseases and conditions that involve this part of the body. For example, he may treat individuals who have conditions that affect the nasal sinuses as well as those who have diseases involving the voice box. Additionally, a person in this field may also treat other parts of the head and neck that are related to the ENT structures.

ENT surgeons are highly trained to practice in this field of medicine. When a person decides to become an ENT surgeon, he commits to a long period of education. In some places, preparation may require more than 12 years of schooling and training. For example, an aspiring ENT surgeon often commits to four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of training in general surgery, and four years of ENT surgery training. Additionally, a person in this field may also complete a fellowship in a sub-specialty such as pediatric ENT care.


A career as an ENT surgeon means working with people who have diseases and infections that affect the ears, nose, and throat. For example, a person in this field may help patients who are dealing with chronic ear or sinus infections. He may also help those who have sleep apnea or tonsillitis. Often, a surgeon in this specialty may see patients who have disorders that make it difficult for them to swallow or speak normally as well as those that cause them frequent pain. Additionally, this type of doctor may handle ENT tumors, surgically treating patients for both benign and cancerous growths.

Often, an ENT surgeon sees and treats patients who need his help not because of a disease, but because they have deformities that affect the ears, nose, and throat. For example, he may treat patients who have deformities of the ear or the palate. Some surgeons in this specialty also perform plastic and reconstructive surgeries on their patients.

Typically, an ENT surgeon does far more than just operate on his patients. A person in this field usually meets with patients, orders tests, and examines his patients in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. A person in this field may also review his patient's medical history in order to better understand his condition and provide the best treatment. Additionally, an ENT surgeon often consults with other doctors and surgeons in an effort to provide the best possible overall care.


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