What is an Emu Bush?

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The term emu bush refers to the eremophilia genus of plant, which is indigenous to the continent of Australia. Within this group there are several hundred known varieties. Another name for the yellow emu bush is "Aurea." These species of plant can grow to more than 5 feet (151 centimeters) in height and are equally as wide. These types of bushes are extremely adaptable to most weather conditions, making them perfect to grow in the desert or in arid climates.

This type of plant will sprout large tubular-shaped flowering buds in the spring and early summer months. Hummingbirds are particularly drawn to the flowers of this plant and tend to congregate and flock all around it. Insects tend to be attracted to the scent of the emu bush as well.

Many gardeners and horticulturists enjoy planting this variety of bush as part of their landscape decor. This is because the flowering petals of the plant are typically very colorful. Many varieties are in yellow, although there are multi-colored patterns in existence, as well as blue and pink. As the bush matures and grows, it is not unusual to notice the flowers begin to emerge in various colors, depending upon the type.


There are other varieties of this bush, such as the spotted emu bush and the Valentine emu bush. The spotted emu requires very little watering and typically grows taller than the yellow emu bush. The Valentine emu bush is poisonous if ingested and should be placed away from young children and pets. It displays showy deep pink flowers in maturity and typically blooms in spring.

There is a variety of eremophilia known as the fuchsia emu bush, named for its vibrant colored flowers when in bloom. This plant is also known as a poverty emu. Like most others in its class, this genus is known to produce a fruit in the spring. The fruit is edible and generally consumed by wild birds.

The emu bush is a nectar-producing plant and because of this, many bird watchers and fanciers prefer to grow this variety, as the nectar will attract many bird species to the garden. Another factor for many gardeners is this plant's low maintenance requirements. In many regions of Australia where rainfall can be scarce, this bush can endure and withstand the most severe drought conditions, and holds up well in frost.


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