What is an Elliptical Mat?

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An elliptical mat is a type of floor mat used with an elliptical training machine. These mats are often simple combinations of rubber or plastic, and thin upper layers made of fibrous materials for traction. Elliptical mats serve specific purposes in a fitness or training environment, for outfitting home gym equipment or machines in public facilities.

The types of floor standing fitness machines that we call elliptical machines are a very good addition to any gym or home fitness area. Unlike treadmills or surface running, the elliptical machine protects bones, joints and muscles through a targeted and assisted range of motion. The user puts their feet onto flat, open pedals and works against artificial resistance, with variable resistance levels; dashboard readouts, and even adjustable inclines are featured in some machines.

Some problems with the elliptical machines include unintended movement on a floor surface if the user’s activity is not properly calibrated into the machine structure. Elliptical floor mats can help prevent movement of these machines against a floor surface. Elliptical mats are a good idea for protecting floor surfaces if heavy activity causes pressure against a floor.

Another benefit of an elliptical mat is in catching the sweat that inevitably accompanies an elliptical machine session. It easier to keep floors in good shape by using these practical floor mats to cover the training area. This is another reason why elliptical mats are a common investment for a gym or training space.


In purchasing an elliptical mat or treadmill mat, it’s a good idea to get a concrete assessment of how large of an area should be covered. Although many elliptical machines have standard sizes, not all are the same, and buying the right sized elliptical mat can help with facility cleaning and other considerations. Some gyms are able to make purchasing easier by utilizing a consistent supplier.

Elliptical mats are just one of many new fitness accessories offered by a growing community of fitness retailers. Other small and inexpensive products include Pilates or yoga accessories, resistance bands, other resistance tools, agility training markers, and many other small but useful devices that can be used for aerobic, cardio training or muscle building exercises. Fitness retailers also sell more customized dumbbell, fitness ball, and free weight tools as well as balance tools and much more for a varied fitness experience and a safe and convenient workout routine.


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