What is an Electric Griddle?

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Electric griddles are handy cooking devices that can be used in the kitchen, on the patio, or even on a camping trip. Here is some basic information about the construction of the electric griddle, as well as some examples of how the electric griddle can be used.

Usually constructed of tempered steel, the electric griddle has an oblong flat cooking surface that is positioned above electric heating elements. Often, the non-stick cooking surface of the electric griddle is ringed with a channel or ridge that will catch the grease or juices as they cook out of the food on the griddle. The juices are usually funneled into a reservoir and can be used to make gravy or simply be discarded.

The heating medium for the electric griddle is electric current. Generally, the units are wired to run off home current. However, some models are also set up for connection to a battery source, which makes them ideal for taking along on a camping trip. Connecting the electric griddle to an electric power source certainly takes less time than firing up a grill and will allow the food to cook in no time.


Just about all models of the electric griddle are designed for us on a table top. As a device that is can be placed on the kitchen counter or a table on the patio, tabletop griddles are an ideal way to prepare all sorts of foods anywhere you like. For instance, it is easy to prepare eggs, bacon, ham, and hash browns all on one tabletop griddle while enjoying the morning air and a cup of coffee.

Using an electric griddle has several advantages. First, food for several people can be prepared at the same time and on the same cooking surface. This means less pots and pans to clean up. Secondly, the electric griddle is portable, so it can go many places that a full sized grill simply cannot go. Last, the electric griddle can be cleaned in minutes, which translates into more free time to do the things you want. All in all, the electric griddle is a smart choice when you want to make nutritious meals even when time is limited or cooking options are few.

The portable electric griddle can be purchased at a number of different types of stores, such as kitchen shops and discount retail stores. As a useful appliance that does not carry a big price tag, the electric griddle is well worth having around.


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Post 7

We used an electric griddle what seemed like every single Sunday morning to make pancakes when I was growing up. The great thing about the griddle was you could make so many on it (we had a griddle that seemed about 2 feet long!) and this was key in my large family of six.

And it was a family activity, as we would take turns getting to pour the pancake batter onto the griddle. We would try to make fun shapes and really test our pouring skills (and they usually did not turn out too fantastic).

So I guess we had more pancake pieces than we had actually pancakes, but I would highly suggest electric griddle pancake making as a family activity.

Post 6

@sunnySkys - Electric griddles are great for camping trips. They're also great for power outages! I have a battery powered griddle myself, and I always use it if we have an extended power outage!

As other people have pointed out, you can cook a few different foods on it at the same time. This makes it convenient for cooking up some of the stuff in the fridge all at once before it goes bad!

Post 5

I used to go camping with Girl Scouts when I was younger all the time. We used a battery powered electric griddle to make breakfast. We actually had several so we were able to get breakfast made for the whole troop pretty quickly.

We didn't bring too many appliances along, but the electric griddle was pretty much a necessity. We did most of the rest of our cooking over the campfire (hotdogs and smores...yum!) but the griddle was definitely a breakfast necessity.

Post 4

There is something so awesome about being able to cook eggs and bacon side by side on the same surface. I don’t have to clean two separate pans, and I can focus better when it’s all in one spot right in front of me.

Another plus is that the griddle captures the bacon grease. I pour it into a container and refrigerate it, because I like to use it to add flavor to green beans. I also put it on my dog’s medicine to encourage her to take it.

When I make bacon in a skillet, I have to wait until the grease has cooled to pour it into a container. Often, I forget to do it, and it turns into a solid. Since I always clean the griddle right after breakfast, I always remember to transfer the bacon grease.

Post 3

I like to make hamburgers on the electric griddle. When I make them in a skillet, the meat always sticks to it, no matter how much cooking spray I use. It doesn’t stick to the griddle at all.

I take the griddle with me to the park, and the pavilion has several electrical outlets where I can plug it in. I can heat up hot dogs quickly, and I can make burgers at the same time.

The griddle saves me from having to make boring sandwiches to bring to the lake. Everyone seems happier when they’re eating warm, fresh food.

Post 2

@jennythelib - I have a large electric griddle that I really like for two reasons. One, it's easier to clean that the skillet. Two, it heats more evenly and dependably.

In my book, if you really like to cook breakfast, it's the way to go and definitely worth the space and the investment. You just don't get your pancakes as nice and evenly done on a skillet as on an electric griddle.

Post 1

I've always toyed with the idea of getting an electric griddle or grill, but they sure are bulky. I'm more concerned with the space it would take up than with the cost!

I have a nice big cast iron skillet that I usually use to make breakfast. I do like to whip up eggs, sausages, and pancakes sometimes on a Sunday. What will an electric griddle do that a skillet won't?

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