What is an Elastin Cream?

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Aging is known to bring on a deficiency of some elements in the skin, and elastin appears to be one of them. This protein helps keep skin flexible and tight enough to spring back into shape when pinched. People who lack this helpful protein might consider using elastin cream in order to attain the skin they once had at a younger age. This is because companies that make elastin cream claim that it can offer the skin elasticity that many desire.

Elastin is made of a combination of amino acids and fibrillin that work to allow skin to bounce back immediately after being pinched. In general, the longer it takes for skin to return to its normal shape after being pinched, the less elastin there is in the tissue. Most people have the highest quantity of this protein at adolescence, and soon after they reach young adulthood, it begins to decrease. It is at that point that some people turn to elastin cream.

The ingredients vary, depending on the particular elastin cream, but some contain hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. Vitamin E, cocoa butter, safflower, and stearic acid are all often found in various creams on the market. Two ingredients that can be observed in nearly every elastin cream include water and fragrance, though artificial color is occasionally added, as well.


Most creams are meant to be applied at least once per day, usually after the skin is clean and dry. Many companies selling this product encourage users to apply it twice each day, and claim that changes will be noticeable within about a month. Elastin skin cream should typically be worn under any face makeup, and is purported to not only prevent future wrinkles from forming, but also to reduce the appearance of current wrinkles.

Some experts in the skincare field claim that elastin creams cannot help prevent wrinkles since the molecules are typically too large to penetrate the skin. They claim that the best way to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines is to increase collagen and elastin naturally. One of the main ways to do so is to increase the amount of keratin in the diet, which can be done through the ingestion of iron-rich proteins, such as veal, fish, chicken, nuts, and beans, to name a few foods. Additionally, regular exercise can keep skin firm, helping retain its elasticity. A combination of these tips, as well as the use of moisturizing elastin creams, may be the best way to produce desirable results.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- I don't know about wrinkles but my elastin night cream has made my skin so soft, smooth and even. My complexion has not been this beautiful in a while and my face does feel very supple, like it does after I exercise.

So even though I can't say anything about how it works for wrinkles, it does make skin firmer. The one I have also has ingredients like vitamin E, collage, triglycerides and safflower seed oil. So I don't know if the results are all thanks to elastin or some of the other ingredients.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I have tried several elastin face creams. From my experience, elastin and collagen face creams tend to have a lot of moisturizers in them. The three that I've tried have all been thick and rich creams. I think this is a good quality if the skin absorbs the moisturizers well. But the first two I tried did not do that well. There would be a greasy veil left on my face after applying them and my face looked very oily in the morning.

The third one I've bought has turned out really good though. It's very rich like the others but absorbs entirely and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I have some expression lines on my forehead and

around my mouth and they are less visible.

It's not a huge difference obviously but most elastin creams don't cost that much. So I do think that I'm getting my money's worth. I wasn't expecting it to magically wipe away all my lines anyway. No cream can do that.

Post 1

I've been using elastin cream on my belly area after birth to decrease stretch marks. I think it's working because my skin feels a lot more flexible and tight than it used to. I haven't seen a major difference with the stretch marks itself but I suppose I should have used elastin cream during the pregnancy to prevent them in the first place. Although I don't know if it's safe to use elastin cream during pregnancy or not.

I haven't used an elastin cream for my face before but if I get good results with my stretch marks, I might consider getting an elastin face cream too. I am slowly developing some fine lines around my eyes so maybe it will help with those.

Has anyone used elastin face cream? Do you think it helps at all? Or is what some experts have said about elastin not being able to penetrate skin true?

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