What is an Education Franchise?

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An education franchise is a type of business in which an individual, group, or company is given the right to market an education company’s products or services. In such a case, the individual or group, called the franchisee, who is granted this right is also permitted to use the parent company's business name and logo. For example, a tutoring company may allow others to buy into its franchise system, and franchisees would then be able to open tutoring businesses of their own using the parent company’s name and business model.

There are many types of education franchises from which a person may choose. Often, educational franchises are focused on providing services for children. Besides tutoring franchises, a person may find preschool and daycare franchises as well as businesses that specialize in teaching children special skills, such as how to dance, skate, knit, or produce computer animations. An education franchise may also cater to children with special needs or provide services for advanced children.


Sometimes education franchises focus on educating adults instead of children. An education franchise may focus on providing adults with career training courses, for example, or helping them develop computer skills. An education franchise may also provide instructional services for individuals who want to learn everything from how to fly planes to how to become a chef. This type of business isn’t always focused on career-related instruction, however. An education franchise may also help provide instruction in such things as dance, fitness, and knitting.

In some cases, an educational franchise provides products rather than services. For example, a person may buy an education franchise that sells books and science supplies. Likewise, an individual may purchase an educational franchise and sell materials instructors can use to teach a wide variety of classes. Some educational franchises may, however, provide both products and services. For example, an education franchise business may train diving instructors and sell equipment that can be used for diving instruction.

The investment a person has to make to purchase an education franchise may depend on size of the business and whether or not he will need a commercial location from which to run it. In most cases, an aspiring franchise owner can find at least a couple of franchise opportunities that match his business skill level, interest, and budget. Sometimes online franchises require lower initial investments than brick-and-mortar businesses, but that's not always the case.


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