What Is an Earthing Pad?

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An Earthing pad, which is sometimes called a grounding pad, is a device intended to connect a person with the positive energies of the Earth. In some explanations of these products, the device physically grounds a person and reduces electrical pollution, but in others, the connection to the Earth takes on a more mystical interpretation. Either way, the device itself must be connected to the Earth through a conductive material in order to confer any positive benefits. There are Earthing pads of many different sizes, but some of the most common are designed to be used when sitting in a chair or lying in bed.

The way in which an Earthing pad works is not well documented by companies that produce these products. In general, the mechanism by which an Earthing pad functions is thought to be electrical in nature. Special qualities of the Earth, when connected to a person, are thought to improve health or well-being overall. Reasons that this could be true include increased electrical pollution in the world and reduced contact with the Earth itself due to wearing shoes or staying indoors.


Most of the time, an Earthing pad connects to a wall socket that has a pin used to ground any device plugged into the wall. The pin is thought to be a strong substitute for actually standing on the ground. Transferring the grounding energy of the socket to a device typically involves using copper wire. Once the Earthing pad is connected, it must touch a person's bare skin in order to be effective.

The benefits of using Earthing pads are not well defined. Most people report simply feeling better or a generalized reduction in pain. Use of these devices is not typically recommended as a medical treatment for specific diseases, though they are often used to treat stress and insomnia. It is often said that Earthing can thin the blood, so precautions must be taken when using these pads.

Grounding pads have no known negative effects, though they may not provide any positive effects either. In special cases where the wall socket has been incorrectly wired, it is possible for a pad to be somewhat dangerous. Some pads have special safety measures built in to eradicate the risk of shock.

Whether Earthing pads are effective is a matter of opinion. Some people report these devices to be extremely effective, while others do not experience any changes at all. It is important to approach these devices with reasonable expectations and to continue any other treatment for the problems the pad is meant to improve.


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The article states: "Once the Earthing pad is connected, it must touch a person's bare skin in order to be effective."

This is not really accurate in a strict sense. You might get more benefit from touching the pad with bare skin, but the effect can be measured through clothing, and/or with a bed sheet between your body and the pad. A muti-meter will show whether you are grounded or not, and the extent.

Staying grounded at night (and maybe even during the day) dramatically improves sleep for me. It is something I take with me when I travel, and that says a lot.

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