What Is an E-Business Service?

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An e-business service is the process of using the latest technology to provide customer support and to help a business run more efficiently. The service may be initiated by a primary business of any size or may be funneled through a third-party e-business service provider. Simply put, an e-business service uses modern technology to increase business productivity, effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

Increasingly, online customer service is becoming more commonplace in the general market. In the not too distant past, business customers had limited ways of communicating with a company when a customer service issue presented itself. Formerly, the most common means of contact, which was either an in-person visit, a printed letter or a telephone call, often proved to be frustrating due to the time each activity required, particularly when dealing with large corporations featuring multiple employees and departments. E-business service, which includes digital communication such as email and online contact, has made communication a lot more flexible and has helped streamline the process of businesses addressing customer concerns.


While some companies provide their own e-business solutions, others employ the services of third-party e-business service providers. Also known as EBSPs, such companies specialize in the creation and implementation of key e-business services. These may include social media management, online bill payment and online customer service platforms. An EBSP may be contracted to completely manage all e-business services for a company or may be contracted to manage a few technologies in an effort to help the primary business run more smoothly.

At minimum, most e-business service options utilize email or an online form on a company’s website to provide customer support. Other e-business service methods, however, extend to live online chat platforms, online discussion forums and may even include social media websites that encourage regular communication between the public and a particular company or brand. Not all e-business solutions are geared toward customer service, however. For instance, inter-office messaging and videoconferencing may be used to help key employees maintain the highest levels of business communication.

Beyond employee communication and customer support, other e-business service options can also streamline billing and payment activities. The ability to transmit and accept online payments, as well as provide 24-hour access to account management details greatly reduces the amount of human energy traditionally applied to these activities. Using e-business tools for these important matters increases productivity levels while simplifying processes that were once far more laborious.


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