What is an Ayurvedic Pharmacy?

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An ayurvedic pharmacy is a business that dispenses ayurvedic products and herbal medications and follows the principles of the ancient Indian healing art of ayurveda. Ayurveda diagnoses and treats ailments of the main elemental energies, known as doshas, with herbal ayurvedic treatments. An ayurvedic pharmacy is a type of alternative pharmacy staffed by highly skilled individuals who possess a solid understanding of the scientific and spiritual parameters of ayurveda.

According to the practice of ayurveda, every person falls under one of three different doshas. These are the vata, or air dosha; pitta, or fire dosha; and kapha, or water and earth dosha. Each dosha is susceptible to specific illnesses, and the ayurvedic medication prescribed for these conditions are entirely natural, comprised of single herbs or herbs utilized in combination form.

Typical ayurvedic pharmacies aim to bring the healing power of ayurveda to consumers. They stock herbs and herbal blends and fill prescriptions from ayurvedic doctors and specialists. An ayurvedic pharmacy may also offer "over the counter" medications; advice and counseling on ayurveda; and ayurvedic resources like books, pamphlets, and videos.

Those who work in this type of natural pharmacy commonly hold a specialized degree as an ayurvedic pharmacist. There are several levels of education an ayurvedic pharmacist may attain. A diploma in the field traditionally takes two years, while a bachelor's degree, completed in four years, can offer a more in-depth study of the practice. Some colleges also offer a master's degree in ayurvedic pharmacology. Other degrees associated with the field include a master's in medicinal plants, a certification in drug standardization, and a master's of business administration (MBA) in ayurvedic pharmacology; some dispensaries may also employ pharmacists with specific training in ayurvedic skincare and cosmetics.

The majority of ayurvedic pharmacies are located in India, where the healing art remains a highly accepted mode of healing. As ayurveda grows in popularity, more and more ayurvedic dispensaries are being opened around the globe. Most schools that offer degrees in ayurvedic pharmacology are also located in India.

When choosing an ayurvedic pharmacy, experts often advise patients to find a dispensary with a good reputation and a large selection of herbs. Some pharmacies will stock only the basic herbs, while others will keep hundreds in supply. It is also beneficial to find an ayurvedic pharmacy with knowledgeable pharmacists who can answer any questions about the course of treatment or exactly how various herbs should be taken.

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