What is an Automatic Watering System?

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An automatic watering system is a gardening system that waters a large area of grass, plants, or a combination of the two on an interval basis. Automatic watering systems, or sprinklers, are often used to care for large lawns and gardens that would take a long time to water by hand. They are often used in residential green spaces as well as in parks and other recreation areas. Automatic watering systems are often an important tool in the maintenance of golf courses, for which a healthy green lawn is crucial.

One of the main reasons that people decide to invest in an automatic watering system is to save time. In particularly hot and dry climates, an automatic watering system can be crucial to the survival of grass and plants. In some areas that have constant or seasonal hot weather, grass and plants often need to be watered more than once a day. This is especially true for areas that experience little rain. For people who have to be away from home for many hours at a time to attend work or school, it can be impossible to keep up with the necessary watering. An automatic watering system is perfect in this kind of situation.


An automatic watering system can be set with a timer so that the plants in its vicinity are watered at regular intervals. Therefore, plants and grass can be cared for even when people are away from home. This can be especially helpful for times when people go away on vacation. Instead of coming home to a burned lawn and withered plants, an automatic watering system makes it possible to come home to a healthy and lush garden.

Since their invention, automatic watering systems have become crucial to the success of farms. Some of the systems are incredibly complex and can cover a very large area. While most of these systems that are used for lawns, gardens, and golf courses simply sit on the ground and spray water in a circle, the systems used on farms usually water plants from above. In fact, these kinds of systems are often mobile and are set up to move down a row of crops. This means that an entire field can be watered without the farmer having to move the sprinkler even once. During hot and dry growing seasons, this kind of automatic water system can save entire crops.


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