What Is an ATV Lawn Mower?

Lori Kilchermann

An ATV lawn mower is a device that is towed behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and is used to cut grass or to mow a lawn. Commonly equipped with an independent motor, the ATV lawn mower is usually started prior to pulling it behind the ATV. The purpose of an ATV lawn mower is to allow the operator to cut the grass at a much higher speed than is typically possible with a standard power mower, all while riding an ATV. It typically does not provide the quality of cut that is normally associated with a power mower, so the ATV mower is often used on large expanses of lawn or out-areas, while the normal lawn maintenance is provided by a traditional style of mower.

An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain, including grass and dirt.
An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain, including grass and dirt.

Commonly constructed of a light-gauge, metal body containing mower blades, tires and wheels, the ATV lawn mower typically uses a large gasoline engine mounted on top of the mower deck to power the cutting blades. The ATV provides the power needed to propel the mower, so the ATV lawn mower engine is free to direct all of its power to the cutting blades. This power allows the mower to cut very heavy grass and weeds at somewhat faster-than-normal mowing speeds.

It is not uncommon for the ATV mower to be twice as wide as the ATV, creating a very wide swath on every pass of the mower. This makes short work out of a rather large area, saving time as compared to mowing the same area with a traditional mower. Another area where the ATV lawn mower reigns supreme over other types of lawn mower is on steep hill sides. The typical ATV is much more adept at climbing steep grades than the average lawn mower. This enables the operator to cut the grass on the steep hillside with more confidence and safety than doing so on a riding mower.

Some professional mowing services use another version of the ATV lawn mower to maintain the grass found on golf courses. Occasionally, several rotary or reel mower sections are connected in a large V pattern and towed over the course with an ATV. This type of ATV lawn mower allows the course workers to not only cut the grass close, as is common with the reel-type mower, but it also saves time by using the greater speed of the ATV. Once finished mowing, the ATV lawn mower can be disconnected from the ATV, freeing the ATV to perform other tasks.

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