What Is an ATV Boom Sprayer?

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An ATV boom sprayer is a device usually mounted to the rear equipment rack on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It features a plastic tank that can contain liquids such as water or herbicides, and a long boom arm that is fed by the tank. This boom arm features spigots that allow the liquids to be distributed evenly behind the ATV as it drives across a space. The ATV boom sprayer is very often used to apply herbicides or other chemicals on lawns or other landscaped areas, but it may be used for other applications as well.

Dust abatement, for example, can be performed with an ATV boom sprayer. Water can be loaded into the tank, which can vary in size according to the user's needs, and pushed through the boom arm's spigots. The pressure caused by the water being fed through the boom arm will allow the spigots to spray outward, creating a more efficient coating on the ground. Many spray systems feature a pump that will ensure a powerful spray jet of fluid. Dust abatement is important on construction sites or other building sites, and the ATV boom sprayer system will be appropriate for completing dust abatement at smaller construction sites or home work projects.


The width of the boom will determine how much area the ATV boom sprayer can access at one time. Some booms are only as wide as the ATV itself, while others are much wider to achieve a greater spread of liquid. Some models even feature foldable booms that can be expanded when necessary to achieve a greater reach. When the ATV must navigate narrower areas, the boom can then be folded in on itself to create a more compact system.

Additional accessories can be added to the ATV boom sprayer to make it even more versatile. The most common accessory added to such systems is the handheld spray nozzle. This unit connects to the tank by a hose, and the nozzle itself will feature a handgrip with a trigger. When the trigger is depressed by the ATV operator, the liquid stored in the plastic or polyethylene tank will be fed through the hose and into the nozzle. This allows the user to spray the liquid in any direction he or she chooses, making this accessory a great choice for reaching areas of a lawn or other area that the boom sprayer cannot access easily.


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