What is an Artificial Intelligence Programmer?

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An artificial intelligence programmer is a computer programmer who specializes in creating code for software and applications in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This is a field of computer programming that seeks to replicate the way in which the human brain observes and processes the world around it. AI programming is used in a number of different applications, from game programs that can play chess to software that can be used to recognize handwriting, spoken language, and even diagnose illnesses. An artificial intelligence programmer usually works for a software development company, and can work in fields such as game development and robotics.

The educational background of an artificial intelligence programmer is typically in computer science, though some background in psychology is common as well. Since this type of programmer usually seeks to emulate human thought and cognition through computer code, it can be beneficial to understand how human thought works. In the end, however, the true test of such a program is not just how well it seems to re-create a human brain, but how well it can solve problems and demonstrate intelligence. The programs created by an artificial intelligence programmer are not necessarily designed to resemble the process of human thought, as they are intended to create a cognitive, thinking computer program.


An artificial intelligence programmer may work with one or several computer programming languages, including some languages specifically intended for use in creating artificial intelligence. The goals of someone working in artificial intelligence can vary, depending on his or her personal approach to AI. Someone attempting to create “weak AI” usually strives to create a computer program that appears to be intelligent. An artificial intelligence programmer working on “strong AI,” however, is usually trying to create a program that actually processes information and “thinks” in a way that is the equivalent of human thought.

There are many different fields in which an artificial intelligence programmer might work, including video game development, robotics, and various diagnostic programs. Video games often utilize some form of AI, usually weak AI, to create characters in the game world that react to the actions of players. Robotics has been connected to AI development for many years, with efforts to create robots that emulate the movements and thought processes of animals and humans. An artificial intelligence programmer might also write software that can analyze handwriting, recognize spoken language over a telephone, and diagnose illnesses based on medical history and symptoms.


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