What Is an Art Fundraiser?

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An art fundraiser raises money by selling artwork in a variety of formats. These pieces are often the work of children who are members of the program to be supported, such as a school or a youth group. The artwork can be individual projects or a collaborative effort. Projects can be prepared by members or associates of the organization only or outsourced to another company so that they can be affixed to a variety of products.

There are several companies which help organizations to create products for an art fundraiser. They will typically put artwork on a selection of products, such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, and aprons. Then the organization will purchase these items at a wholesale rate and sell them to raise funds.

Which combination of products to sell for an art fundraiser depends upon the scope of the effort, the budget for purchasing items for sale, and the kinds of products supporters of the effort are most likely to buy. Some organizations will focus on one product, such as t-shirts with an image of a child’s artwork, while others will mix several products in order to accommodate the different tastes and lifestyles of its potential donors.


There are companies which offer services that can enable a group to complete a project together for an art fundraiser. One option is for the company to transfer art work from different participants onto tiles. These can either be sold individually or together as a collaborative project. When sold together, the results can also be auctioned off or serve as the prize for a raffle.

The materials for an art fundraiser can also be generated by the organization. One popular option is to create a collaborative work of art and auction it to supporters. For example, several children may contribute a square to a quilt, which can then be assembled by a parent or teacher. Another option is for children to create artwork which can then be sold or auctioned off to benefit the cause. This is often especially effective if it is done as part of another fundraising event.

An art fundraiser can be used to benefit a variety of organizations. It can be particularly effective for groups with a direct connection to the arts. For example, it is common for schoolchildren to regularly create art as a part of class work. These fundraisers can also be appropriate for arts organizations of all kinds, from visual arts to musical groups.


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