What is an Arabica Coffee House?

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An Arabica Coffee House is part of a regional chain of franchised coffeehouses operating out of Ohio. The company was founded in 1976 with the first Arabica Coffee House in Cleveland, Ohio, and within the next few years, began spreading throughout the Northeast part of the state. There are now dozens of Arabica Coffee Houses in Ohio, and the company plans to expand and open franchises throughout the Midwest.

The Arabica Coffee House chain offers franchisees the opportunity to open either a cafe, which is a traditional "coffee house," or a cart/kiosk. Up-front costs and fees vary for the different franchise types. Those interested in opening a franchise should contact corporate headquarters or visit the company's website for more information.

The chain of Arabica Coffee Houses are all designed similarly, and offer the company's proprietary blend of gourmet coffee in various forms, including traditional drip coffee, cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes, among many others, in both traditional and decaffeinated forms. Arabica Coffee Houses sell Fair Trade Certified coffee as well. There are many other products also available at an Arabica Coffee House.


In addition to various coffees, hot and iced teas are available, as well as pastries and other baked goods, soups, salads, and sandwiches. Menus may vary in different coffee houses, which makes the various chain stores slightly more personal. In addition to food and beverages, many Arabica Coffee House locations offer wireless Internet for their patrons to get some work done or simply relax.

Live music is another common feature of an Arabica Coffee House in the evening. During the day, the coffee house provides a quiet environment for reading, working, or spending time with friends. The coffee houses offer comfortable seating and small tables for a more intimate atmosphere. Those looking for a traditional coffee house environment will likely be pleased with an Arabica Coffee House. There are many reviews posted online for different locations, to help customers decide where to go.

For those who want to try the company's gourmet coffee, but who are not able to visit one of the stores, the company offers an online store with a few sample products. There are a few gift packs and gift baskets available, which may include a few different types of coffee as well as a mug or two, a coffee scoop, and a snack such as biscotti or chocolate. The sampler packs could make a great gift for anyone who enjoys drinking coffee.


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