What is an Apprenticeship Program?

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An apprenticeship program is a course of education that is based on on-the-job experience. Furthermore, an apprenticeship program usually focuses on one trade or skill rather than on a variety of subject areas. For example, someone trying to get started in event photography might apprentice for a photographer who makes a living shooting events. Alternatively, someone interested in learning how to become a car mechanic might apprentice at a garage. Apprenticeship training can take anywhere from one to six years, depending on the trade. In general, you have to be eighteen years old to begin an apprenticeship program. However, it is possible to begin apprenticing at the age of sixteen with parental permission.

Apprentices function as both assistants and shadows to their employers. Because of the nature of apprenticeships, it is possible to learn a great deal about an industry in a rather short amount of time. Furthermore, all of the learning is hands-on rather than theoretical. While apprentices may have to take care of a good deal of menial tasks, they also get the ability to watch professionals in action, which is a great way to learn a trade. One unique aspect of apprenticeship programs is that, while learning a particular trade, it is also possible to learn the business behind the trade.


One of the major benefits of participating in an apprenticeship program is that you can earn money while you are learning a trade. It is important to note, however, that there are many employers in the market who, although they might be impressed with the credentials that you will gain in an apprenticeship program, require a diploma from an accredited institution in order to consider you for a position.

Research the field that interests you and find out what employers are looking for. If most employers are looking for a two year degree or a four year degree, consider including an apprenticeship program in your degree. It is possible that you will be able to earn college credit for your work as an apprentice. Many colleges offer credit to students who complete apprenticeship and internship programs.

Many states offer information about apprenticeship programs on their Department of Labor and Industries websites. Consider researching the information on your state's website or calling your Department of Labor for more information. The United States Department of Labor website also has information that is helpful to people throughout the country about finding jobs and participating in apprenticeship programs.


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Post 5

Moldova- had a friend that was enrolled in an ICE apprenticeship program in Nevada. It was a paid electrical apprenticeship program that provided on the job training for would be electricians.

In the electrician apprenticeship program those enrolled have an opportunity to obtain a two, three, or four year apprenticeship.

I know that many jobs require a certain amount of hours in an apprenticeship. My sister is a real estate appraiser and she had to work on an apprenticeship under a certified real estate appraiser for over two years in order to be able to take the appraiser’s exam and become an appraiser in Florida.

It was a lot of work, but she is glad she became an appraiser.

Post 4

Oasis11-I think that would be a fun apprenticeship to be involved with. I know that they hire college students from all over the country because their name badges say the college that they are from.

There is a film apprenticeship program in Santé Fe, New Mexico. The charity offers opportunities for Native-Americans to develop their skills in film.

They offer courses on set safety and story transformation. Most of the courses range in price from $50 to $345.

Students get hands on training on using commercial grade equipment. This organization was created to bring the arts to more and more people in the community.

Post 3

Anon86944- I don't think that they have such a program. Usually if you are interested in a police officer job, you generally have to go to the Police Academy and pass the training program that includes a battery of fitness and written exams.

By the way Sunshine31- I totally agree with you. I think that is a great program that really adds value to the community.

I know that the Disney apprenticeship program offers college students paid internships in various aspects of Disney’s operations. Most of the positions are in the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California and the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

These college students receive a program that is designed for optimal learning and may even provide college credit. It is really a resume enhancer.


Post 2

I know that Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, New York offers a youth apprenticeship program for high school teenagers interested in the healthcare field.

The internship is a two year paid program for at-risk inner city kids. After the completion of the program, the students not only receive their high school diploma, but they also receive a certificate that demonstrates their competency in an entry level hospital positions like transporter and lab tech, pediatric tech, and a medical records tech to name a few.

It really gives kids a chance to develop a future that otherwise might not have one.

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What is the apprenticeship program for a police officer?

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