What is an Ankle Wallet?

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An ankle wallet is a money-holding accessory designed to wear on the leg. Ankle wallets are worn by vacationers, runners and others who don’t want to carry a bulky wallet or purse. An ankle-worn wallet is one of similar types of body wallets that are made in various shapes in a variety of materials. Other kinds of body wallet include neck, waist and wrist. An ankle wallet may be worn by men or women.

Some fashion designers create stylish ankle wallets that look like elegant little purses attached to a strap. All ankle wallet types attach to the leg with a strap or fabric that may close with snaps, a buckle or Velcro®. Ankle wallets are made from many different materials such as nylon, leather and canvas.

Many kinds of ankle wallet are sock-like in appearance. Unlike ankle wallets that have a noticeable purse styling, the stocking types don’t look like a wallet from the outside. They have inner compartments that hold money, keys and important papers. Sock styles of ankle-worn wallet often look like the sections of legging material worn by dancers on the lower part of both legs. Although these wallets are fairly flat, wearing two at once allows for double the storage capacity.


Ankle wallets vary widely in the amount of compartments and space they have. An ankle wallet may have the capacity to hold just a few items or it may be able to contain many personal possessions. While some wallets made to wear on the ankles are tall enough to hold passports, others may only fit smaller pieces of identification such as a driver’s license.

Some people like to use more than one type of body wallet at once such as one to wear on the ankle and one to attach to the waist so that their money, keys and identification are located in multiple places. In case of theft or loss of one wallet, they would still have some personal possessions left. Many types of ankle and other body wallets are unisex in design, meaning they are meant to be worn by both men and women. Sometimes the straps may be too large for smaller boned people, so the ankle wallet should be tried on for correct sizing.


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