What is an Air Freshener Doll?

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Since many people like to make sure every element of their space is involved in the decorating theme that has been chosen, the creation of air freshener dolls should not come as a surprise. Basically, this product has the upper half of a doll's body, while the bottom half fits over the cone of a solid air freshener. The purpose of the dolls is to hide the air freshener container by turning it into a decorating element of the room.

An air freshener doll can be created using the basic half doll form found in most craft stores. Most of the doll forms have rather cherubic faces, although some craft stores may provide types that feature different expressions or more adult looking faces. This means that it is possible to customize the doll to fit just about any mood, decor, or interest.

There are many different designs that may be chosen for the air freshener doll. It is possible to create a cowboy or football player, as well as a fairy princess or female rock star. In order to get into the swing of a holiday, air freshener Santa dolls, Easter bunnies, and even witches, vampires, and Pilgrims can be created. The only limit to the type of air freshener doll that can be created is the imagination of the home owner.


Of course, there are also a number of retail outlets that carry prefabricated versions of the air freshener doll. Most of these mass produced models will cover the major holidays, as well as some special interests. Both local retail stores as well as online stores carry them, sometimes for only a little more than it would cost to purchase the materials and dress a homemade doll. For people who like to make things, however, these dolls are relatively simple to create and can be far more unique than store-bought varieties. In either case, the doll can be a way of turning an ugly solid air freshener container into a whimsical part of the decor.


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