What is an Air Force Training Program?

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An Air Force training program teaches the recruit how to correctly and efficiently do his or her job while in the Air Force. Much like a college course, the Air Force training program focuses on the task at hand. The program follows the boot camp part of basic training and focuses on teaching skills rather than on physical fitness. The training programs differ among the various types of jobs in the Air Force.

Upon enlisting in any U.S. military branch, the enlistee must choose a military occupational specialty, simply put: a job. In the Air Force, these are dubbed Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs). In the Air Force, most of these jobs revolve around technology such as computers. After completion of the boot camp portion of basic training, the recruit enters the AFSC training component. Here the recruit is instructed on the basics of her job and are taught the means to meet the related requirements.

Air Force training is taught by military instructors who are the the top in their respective field. They answer questions and more importantly, teach recruits how to find the answers themselves. Some training, such as pilot training, would cost a civilian many thousands of dollars to obtain. The Air Force training program is free to all recruits. Most training is completed using the very best, state-of-the-art equipment possible and is often equipment unavailable in the civilian sector.


The length of time the Air Force training program takes is job specific. Some jobs require much more extensive training than others therefore, it will take more time to teach it. Upon completion of any Air Force training program the recruit will be tested. Those not receiving a passing grade may be required to re-test or even repeat the training. The recruit must be at the top of his or her skill set to be allowed to exit the training program and be assigned to serve at a permanent duty station with the Air Force.

While in the Air Force training program, recruits are treated in much the same manner as while in boot camp. They will be awakened in the morning for physical training and will operate in platoon order, or flights, while completing basic tasks such as cleaning a barracks. The physical training is less harsh while in an Air Force training program as the main focus is on the classroom performance.

Upon completion of the Air Force training program, the recruit will receive orders for his duty station and will ship off to begin a career in the field that he has chosen. For many, this training will assist them in securing employment in the civilian job market when they have finished their stint with the Air Force. For others, the training may qualify them for a life-long Air Force career, and maybe even to teach one day in an Air Force training program.


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