What is an Air Force Reserve Recruiter?

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The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) is a military body in the United States (US) that is composed of soldiers who are only required to engage in full-time active duty if there a need. Otherwise, members of the AFRC serve part time and have the opportunity to pursue other goals. Like any organization, however, it can only thrive and accomplish its purpose if it has a sufficient number of members. An Air Force Reserve recruiter is an individual who informs people about the AFRC and helps interested and qualified candidates join the organization.

Recruiters have the responsibility of ensuring that the AFRC has the people it needs. While the number of people they enlist is important, it is not their only concern. An Air Force Reserve recruiter must also be aware of the quality of the people he enlists. Everyone is not qualified to enter the US military and the Reserve recruiter has a duty to prevent unqualified individuals from entering the ranks.


There are some people who may be qualified to enter the military but who may not have what it takes to be a soldier or to hold a certain job. A good recruiter should also identify these individuals and help steer them in the right direction. In the civilian world, it is often more difficult to fill specialized positions than it is to fill general positions. This problem can also occur in the AFRC. Recruiters must, therefore, strive to ensure that they are not only enlisting qualified candidates, but also those whose skills are needed.

An Air Force Reserve recruiter will generally operate from an office. Members of the public who are interested in joining the organization commonly go to such offices and express their interest. The Reserve recruiter’s duties in this situation include providing honest and informative answers to questions. If these individuals decide to take their interest further, the recruiter may arrange an appointment for the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which is a military entrance test. Following this testing, the Reserve recruiter generally continues to provide assistance until an individual is ready to depart for boot camp.

It may not always be possible for an Air Force Reserve recruiter to achieve his goals by waiting for interested individuals to approach him. Recruiters commonly go out and attempt to find qualified candidates. They may try to generate interest by visiting high schools, career fairs, or other public engagements.


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