What is an Aeron&Reg; Chair?

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The Aeron® chair was developed by designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick for the Herman Miller office supply company. The goal of this office chair is to provide users with an ergonomically correct chair that won't cause any amount of back strain or spinal stress. The Aeron® chair proved so successful, upon its release, that it was the winner of the Design of the Decade award given by Business Week and the Industrial Designers Society of America during the 1990s.

When Stumpf and Chadwick designed the Aeron® chair, they wanted to create a chair that could withstand an immense amount of weight, while conforming to individual body types. Thus, these chairs are load tested by dropping a 200 pound (90.7 kilograms) weight on each chair for a total of 20,000 times. Needless to say, these chairs were more than built to take the everyday wear and tear of office use.

One of the most noted features of the Aeron® chair is that it comes in three different, adjustable, sizes. Since each person is different, both height and weightwise, one office chair will not fit all people properly. Therefore, the Aeron® chair is available in small, large, or extra large sizes. This, coupled with adjustable parts, helps all chair users to comfortably sit inside of any Aeron® chair without strain.


Another notable feature of this Herman Miller chair is the invention of the Pellicle system. Pellicle is a type of material that helps to distribute a user's weight efficiently, while also helping with the circulation of air. Unlike other office chairs, this one does not cause a user's back to heat up as the day progresses. Instead, users will find that this type of chair is cool, body conforming, and physically forgiving.

While other ergonomic office chairs can be found, this one proves to be immensely popular. Consumers who wish to purchase this chair will find that the prized Herman Miller design is not entirely cost-effective. However, the overall price of the chair may be worth it when considering possible back and spine troubles caused by using a chair that is not ergonomically correct.

This Herman Miller chair can be purchased by visiting the Herman Miller website, or by contacting a local office furniture store that carries this particular design. It is recommended that each user test this chair for size prior to purchase, since, as previously mentioned, each chair size is unique.


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