What is an Advertising Manager?

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An advertising manager is the person in charge of a company's promotional and advertising operations. Her job’s main purpose is to keep the company’s customers aware of and consuming existing products and services; she also informs and excites them about new offerings. She is expected to keep the advertising innovative and fresh to retain current customers and attract new ones.

A successful advertising manager must have a good working relationship with the marketing director. The two generally support each other and contribute to the company’s success by pinpointing their target market and developing approaches and plans to increase the customer base. This may involve long or frequent meetings to discuss strategies and budget allocations. Establishing and working toward common goals requires reciprocal respect and consideration for each manager’s opinions and expertise.

In a large company, managing, supervising and motivating the advertising staff are integral parts of an advertising manager’s responsibilities. She has the final word on layout, design and copy for all print advertising. This may include direct mail, display ads and point-of-sale ads. If radio, television and Internet advertising are used, she approves those ads as well.

The responsibilities of an advertising manager in a small company are quite different. She may be required to perform most or all of the jobs delegated to the support personnel in a larger company. This position may include writing copy and creating graphics along general management duties.


In very large companies or corporations, an outside advertising agency sometimes is contracted to create ad campaigns. The job of an advertising manager in these cases is more interactive than in smaller venues. She tells the agency the goals and needs of the company and then monitors each step of the campaign to ensure everyone is on the same track and has the same vision.

Using an agency may also involve integrating print, radio, television and Internet advertising and involve contracting with additional media specialists. When larger agencies are used, the advertising manager may have final approval authority. More often, at least one leader of the company is involved in the ultimate decisions.

Advertising managers are often hired from within a company after spending considerable time as an advertising sales account executive. This experience gives the manager the advantage of thoroughly knowing the company’s philosophies and goals and being familiar with customer personalities and preferences. Conversely, hiring an advertising manager from outside the company may provide a fresh perspective and increase the company’s success and revenues.

A college education is highly desirable for a position in advertising management. Any liberal arts degree is acceptable, as well as those focusing on business administration. Larger corporations may require a master’s degree. Both large and small companies often prefer a certification in advertising, marketing or promotion.


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