What is an Advance Man?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

The concept of the advance man is common in many different types of businesses and in the world of politics. Essentially, advance men are individuals who oversee the preparations involved with scheduling events such as public appearances, travel arrangements, and interviews with a member of the media. The professional advance man will have an excellent eye for detail and the vision to foresee both the usual and the unusual needs that could arise.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

When making arrangements for personal appearances, the advance man will take steps to secure the time, place, and arrange needed security for the event. Any particular needs for the physical condition of the site for the appearance will be addressed, ensuring that the employer of the advance man does not have to be inconvenienced in any manner during the appearance. This may include making specific arrangements for what will occur during the course of the appearance, including the time that the event will end.

Along with overseeing the details of the actual appearance, the advance man will also handle travel arrangements to and from the event. This will include any flight scheduling that is required, as well as ground transportation that will ensure the guest of honor arrives on time and is able to safely and securely exit the event when the appearance is concluded.

Transportation often includes making hotel arrangements. Here, the advance man will work with the hotel staff to ensure all is in order. This will mean working with the staff on special requests for the guest, such as fruit in the room or removing any items that may cause an allergic reaction. The advance man will also work with the hotel security team to ensure the guest is safe and secure while enjoying the amenities at the hotel.

Often, the advance man travels ahead of the employer to ensure every detail for the appearance is addressed and working according to plan. Because timing is often a very important factor, the efficiency of the advance man is essential to many public figures. Politicians, entertainment figures, heads of state, and other prominent individuals often rely on the advance man to keep their public appearances orderly, even as they ensure the personal safety of the public figure.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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