What is an Administrative Assistant Manager?

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An administrative assistant manager oversees the job performance of administrative assistants in the workplace. Administrative assistants perform a variety of office tasks, including receptionist and clerical duties. Administrative assistant managers supervise training of new administrative assistants, assign their duties, make staff schedules, collect employee timesheets, and complete various other tasks that keep offices running smoothly.

Administrative assistant managers generally work in large offices within hospitals, schools, law offices, and corporations. These types of large-scale operations typically require several administrative assistants on staff, and these employees require some oversight. For example, a university may have one or more administrative assistants per department. Administrative assistant managers may be required to overseer groups of departments or to manage the activities of all assistants on campus.

An administrative assistant manager can also perform his or her duties online, in a virtual capacity. This approach is especially useful when a company or agency has offices in multiple locations. Virtual administrative assistant managers must typically be fluent in online communication to be able to work efficiently and effectively as telecommuting employees.


The path to an administrative assistant manager position usually follows one of two courses. Many administrative assistant managers began as administrative assistants, secretaries, or office managers. As the businesses for which they work grow, or positions open through attrition, they may be promoted to management status in recognition of their organizational skills, productivity, and ability to oversee others. A less typical path to an administrative assistant manager career is more streamlined. Vocational schools, community colleges, and some universities offer programs specifically designed to teach the knowledge and skill set necessary for a graduate to obtain an administrative assistant manager position without climbing the employment ladder.

In order to oversee administrative assistants, whether on site or over an Internet or intranet connection, an administrative assistant manager must be well-acquainted with the duties of their staff. These often include typing, filing, answering multi-line telephones, and disseminating official information. Other duties involve ordering supplies, keeping inventory, and maintaining office equipment, such as copiers and printers. Administrative assistant managers also train and instruct assistants in safety guidelines and proper employee etiquette.

An administrative assistant manager generally earns more than an administrative assistant would, primarily because of the added responsibilities of the job. In addition to the ability to carry out all the functions of an administrative assistant, a manager must be able to comply with and carry out human resource requirements and regulations, collect and disperse relevant data, interview, hire and fire employees, and create often complex work and vacation schedules. Some administrative assistant managers also act as private secretaries to executives, as well as office managers.


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