What is an Adjustment Bureau?

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As an organization that is involved with regulating the adjustment process on filed insurance claims issued by persons connected who have established a client relationship with the bureau, the adjustment bureau operates with the support of their clients. Funding for the operations of the adjustment bureau come from resources that are provided by customers of the bureau. In return for the financial support of the members, the adjustment bureau counsels and in some cases manages financial resources on behalf of their customers. This often includes management of the insurance and financial affairs of clients who have experienced serious financial setbacks, up to and including bankruptcy.

Bankrupt debtors often are the target customer base for an adjustment bureau. As people struggle to recover from bankruptcy, it can often be a bewildering task to make sense of the status of the financial affairs. This includes the effective management of any insurance claims that may be impacted by the bankruptcy. An adjustment bureau can step into the situation, and effectively help to evaluate resources, aid in the management of the resources, and put the bankrupt debtor back on the path toward financial stability.


While an adjustment bureau is a very helpful type of organization, it should be noted that they are not a loan agency, nor should an adjustment bureau be looked upon as a debt consolidation service. Instead, an adjustment bureau deals in the cold hard facts of the present status of a given situation, and then works to improve that status for their clients. While some degree of debt counseling and education is often part of the services received by the debtor, these are simply tools that the adjustment bureau will use in carrying out and managing the financial resources of a customer.

The typical adjustment bureau is a privately owned organization, but one that operates within guidelines that are supplied by the federal government. Because of the focus on providing support to persons dealing with bankruptcy, persons with a highly competent understanding of local, state, and federal laws relating to bankruptcy staff an adjustment bureau. In some instances, the adjustment bureau may choose to focus on businesses that are dealing with a bankruptcy situation, while other bureaus may tend to focus on individual consumers involved in some form of bankruptcy. In both instances, the focus on helping the individual or entity recover from the situation and rebuild credit ratings and a strong fiscal reputation.


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Post 2

It must be a stressful job working in an adjustment bureau. All day you are just surrounded by desperate people in consequential situations that they don't know how to get through. The stress and strain of this kind of work can really wear on you after a while. You would begin to take on the attitude of you clients and might loose some of your hope for the future. I'm glad that someone does this kind of work but I know that I don't have the personality to listen to all those sad stories.

Post 1

A few years back my husband and I went through the process of bankruptcy. This was a very sad and confusing time in our lives and both of us were kind of shell shocked when everything started to go downhill.

We were put in touch with an adjustment bureau and they made the process so much easier. We worked with a great agent who talked us through the whole process and laid out exactly what we needed to do moving forward. Like I said, we were kind of lost but this agent put us on the right track. We were able get through it and now we are on stable financial ground once again. I am so grateful for the help that our agent gave us in one of the hardest times in our life.

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