What Is an Accident Book?

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An accident book is a type of log in which accidents are recorded. Usually, workplaces keep accident books so employers or other managing personnel can record accidents their employees experience. Each accident report book entry includes certain kinds of information about the accident, the injured party, the managing personnel on duty, and the person or establishment that provided first aid or medical attention. Typically, businesses can choose between paper and electronic versions of accident books. An accident book at work should not be confused with the kinds of accident books sold by traditional book publishers.

Traditionally, an accident book was one that was an actual paper-and-binding kind of book. Those are still available, but these days accident books are available in electronic formats, too. Some are based online, allowing authorized parties to access them from any Internet-capable computer. Others are available in a computer software format, which means they must be installed on a computer and the authorized parties can access them only from that computer. Sometimes, these formats make it possible to install the software in such a way that a network of computers, rather than just one, can access the accident books.


Generally, each accident log book contains pages for the details of any accident, incident, or injury to be recorded. Regardless of paper or electronic format, these days most accident books provide template forms with spaces for recording specific details. Typically, such details include the time, date, and location of the accident or incident, as well as the injuries sustained and the medical attention the injured party received. The details of any additional or ongoing treatment received away from the company’s property might be recorded, too. Usually, the signatures of the person who experienced the accident, the person in charge, and anyone who performed first aid are required.

Although an accident reporting book is most commonly found in a workplace environment, other locations have needs for, and use, accident books. For example, any kind of day or overnight camp, such as those for children and athletes, can have need for an accident record book. Too, other kinds of places might need accident books to record the accidents and injuries of patrons, rather than employees. Such locations can include community recreation centers, gyms and other exercise facilities, various tourist attractions, and permanent and traveling theme parks, carnivals, and festivals.

It’s important not to confuse a workplace accident book with the kinds of accident books sold by traditional publishers. Those kinds of books provide readers with general and specific information about certain kinds of accidents. Sometimes, those books are specific to certain types of jobs. Other times, the books provide information about other kinds of personal injury situations. They might even include legal information specific to certain regions.


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