What is Amla Hair Oil?

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The amla herb, also known as amalaki or Indian gooseberry, has been a very crucial herb in the Ayurvedic medicine system for more than 3,000 years. The herb contains a high concentration of vitamin C and provides nourishment as well as boosting immunity. Often referred to as one of the oldest natural conditioners, oil made with this herb has been used for centuries by Indian women for hair nourishment and growth. Regular use of amla hair oil has been shown to enrich hair, maximize growth and pigmentation, prevent premature graying of hair, reduce dandruff and enhance hair strength. Other benefits include increased memory and boosted immunity.

This oil usually is combined with other nourishing ingredients to increase its efficiency. Examples of such ingredients include henna, aloe vera and almond oil. Each ingredient has as its main function to promote the overall condition of the scalp and hair. The henna conditions and darkens the hair, and the aloe vera increases the moisture levels, thus helping to reduce premature graying. The almond oil enriches the scalp with protein, and the amla hair oil strengthens the hair follicles.

Amla hair oil usually is massaged into the scalp and left on overnight. A steamed towel applied to the hair after the oil has been massaged into it helps in creating a shiny appearance to the hair. The oil can then be washed away with regular shampoo and conditioner.


Regular application of amla hair oil will provide the hair with a protective coating from dirt, grime and humidity. It also will create a healthy shine to one's hair. Adding a few drops of the oil to the scalp after shampoo and conditioner will also act as a leave-in conditioner. For best results, it is recommended that amla hair oil be used at least twice a week.

There are many other benefits of the amla herb that can greatly enhance a person’s overall health. The powdered form of the herb is an effective remedy for blood impurities, and in juice form, it can help in blood clotting. It has been known to be a blood sugar regulator and can help in lowering cholesterol.

By helping to rid the body of free radicals, the amla herb is a very powerful antioxidant. Daily rinsing of the eyes with the herb can help in enhancing eyesight. In its powdered concentrated form, the herb has helped combat hyperacidity and ulcers.


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Post 2

Dabur amla hair oil smells extremely strong! A friend of mine recommended this oil and I found it and purchased it online. I do like its effects on my hair, it has made my hair really soft and shiny but I don't like the scent at all. Does anyone know if there is a fragrance free amla oil available?

I will still use it several times a month but only at night. I feel that if I walk outside with it on, to a grocery store or something, people might smell it and wonder what it is! Hopefully there is a fragrance free one out there that I can switch to.

Post 1

I like seeking out natural alternatives for my health and beauty needs. Ayurveda, which uses only natural herbs and techniques has been really attractive to me for this reason. Ayurveda believes that we all have a natural balance of mind and body that can go out of balance if we don't take care of ourselves. Ayurvedic treatments are meant to re-balance our bodies and minds so that we can be healthy again.

I went to my Ayurveda center to find a solution for my thinning and graying hair, I was given amla natural hair oil to use regularly. I have been using it for one week now, I feel that my hair has a softer texture and is shinier

. I think it is too early to know if it helps prevent graying but I am happy with the results so far. I also like the cooling effect when I apply it on my scalp, which is supposed to be another reason that ayurveda recommends amla oil.

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