What Is Amboseli National Park?

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Amboseli National Park is a large area in Kenya where the native animals roam freely and people come to view them. The park sits on the border of Tanzania and is a popular area for tourists who want to view and photograph Africa’s wildlife. The park covers about 151 square miles (392 square kilometers) and offers stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The area’s climate is mostly dry and desert-like, with two brief rainy seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall.

One of the biggest attractions in Amboseli National Park is the wide variety of Africa’s wildlife, including cheetahs, lions and approximately 900 elephants, all roaming freely within the bounds of the park. They are often easy to find due to the lack of a heavy undergrowth of plants. Visitors to the park may also spot gazelle, rhinoceros and zebras. Bird lovers are able to find many different types of native African birds including flamingos, grouse and fish eagles. According to Kenyan authorities, Amboseli National Park is the second most popular game reserve in the nation.


In addition to the native animals, there is an opportunity to meet and mingle with the Maasai people, one of the more well-known African tribes. The Maasai are indigenous to the area in and around Amboseli National Park. In 2005 the Maasai were given control of the park on a local basis, an unusual move by the president of Kenya at the time. This step has caused a great deal of conflict as people who fear losing other national parks to local control continue to protest the change.

Visitors to Amboseli National Park can stay either in or around the park. Several lodges offer various levels of comfort. These lodges include Oltukai Lodge, Kimana Lodge and the Amobseli Serena Lodge. Eco tourists may prefer to choose Tortilis Camp, an accommodation that has won awards for its eco-friendly facilities. Those who are interested in camping in Kenya may want to try one of the many campgrounds such as the Kimbla campsite. The campsites are without facilities and require visitors to bring everything they need with them when they come.

There are many different safari companies that book complete tours, including lodging and transportation. Visitors can also bring their own cars or rent vehicles for use in and around the park. Travel during the months of April and May as well as November and December may be impossible in Amboseli National Park, as those months typically have rain, often making the roads in the park impassable.


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