What Is Aloe Vera Conditioner?

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Aloe vera conditioner is a hair moisturizer that contains aloe vera as an ingredient. Naturally moisturizing, aloe is used in many different hair and body products as it is known to relieve dryness. It can also make the hair softer and easier to manage, as well as shiny and healthy. There are many types of aloe vera conditioner available to consumers that range in price and differ in ingredients.

Dry hair can be a problem for both men and women, and those who live in extremely dry climates tend to suffer from dry, unmanageable hair. Using a conditioner is a way to restore moisture and health to damaged hair. An aloe vera conditioner has the added ingredient of aloe to help relieve severe dryness and to bring back hydration that is lost during shampooing. This type of conditioner can also be helpful to those who are suffering from a dry scalp or dandruff.

Other ingredients typically found in aloe vera hair conditioner can include panthenol, olive oil, vitamin E, chamomile, vegetable protein, and fruit oil. Many of these conditioners are also free of parabens and artificial fragrances and colors. Jojoba oil is also commonly found in aloe conditioner as it is nourishing and helps add shine to parched, damaged hair.


Most people use the conditioner on the hair after shampooing in the shower, but it is sometimes used as a leave-in treatment for dry hair. It can also be combined with other types of conditioners or hair moisturizers to add extra softness and nourishment. Many who use an aloe vera conditioner will also use a shampoo that contains aloe or other hydrating ingredients.

Aloe vera conditioner can also be made at home using moisturizing ingredients. Adding aloe vera juice to ordinary conditioner is an easy and simple way to make conditioner more soothing to the scalp and hair shafts. Combining components such as aloe vera gel, essential oils, lemon juice, and chamomile can also create a homemade, soothing hair conditioner. Making your own hair moisturizers can be more cost-effective than purchasing them at the store, as well as more environmentally-friendly.

Shampooing regularly often strips the hair of natural oils, and even when conditioner is used, the hair will be left feeling dry and dehydrated. When an aloe vera conditioner is used, moisture and hydration is replenished and the hair will normally feel healthier as a result. Those who use heat to style their hair may also benefit from the use of an aloe conditioner or hair moisturizer. If the hair is extra dry or damaged, conditioner can be left in the hair overnight and rinsed out in the morning to provide even more hydration.


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Post 3

I like aloe vera conditioner as well but it seems to work better when it's used after an aloe vera shampoo. I think hair benefits from the moisturizing properties of aloe vera better that way.

Post 2

@burcinc-- You must try aloe vera hair conditioner sometime, it's very effective. It's just as beneficial for hair as it is for skin.

I use an all natural hair conditioner with aloe vera. The conditioner also has vitamin E and jojoba seed oil which I'm sure add to the moisturizing effects. Aloe vera conditioner makes my hair feel stronger and smoother than anything else I've tried. It is working very well for my frizzy and damaged hair.

Of course there are different types of aloe vera conditioners out there and some might work better than others. That's why it's a good idea to read customer reviews first. For example, someone with thin, straight hair may not like the conditioner I'm using since it doesn't add any body to hair.

Post 1

I knew that aloe vera gel is great for skin but I didn't realize that aloe vera would also work for hair. It seems like an unlikely ingredient for a hair conditioner.

I use aloe vera gel as a skin moisturizer, particularly in the summer. It works wonderfully for soothing and calming tanned skin.

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