What is Alchemical Synergy?

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Alchemical synergy is a holistic approach to healing and personal understanding that tends to focus on the idea of recognizing four fundamental universal forces, and then bringing those forces together in a synergistic way. The four forces recognized by this therapeutic approach are centrifugal force, centripetal force, gravity, and electromagnetic force. The basic idea is that everything that happens is governed by one or more of these four forces, and by recognizing these occurrences for what they are, the forces can be better aligned and brought together. Alchemical synergy is the practice of trying to fully understand these four forces and identify when each is affecting the world, then utilizing that understanding for beneficial purposes.

The idea of alchemical synergy has roots in some basic metaphysical concepts and in a new understanding of how mankind relates to the universe. At the root of this principal is the idea that there are four basic universal forces that are fundamental and have existed since the Big Bang that is thought to have created the universe we exist within. Centrifugal force is considered to be an inward force by which someone can better understand what is occurring within himself or herself. This is the force that allows a person to focus on his or her own needs and experiences to understand the universe.


Centripetal force, on the other hand, is an outward force that pushes a person to understand other people and events outside himself or herself. In alchemical synergy, these are opposing forces that comprise a fundamental duality in the universe. By understanding the centrifugal force a person can understand what is within himself or herself, and by understanding the centripetal force he or she can also understand what is outside of himself or herself.

These dual forces are held in check, according to alchemical synergy, by gravity that is the force that holds things together. By coming to understand this sense of gravity, a person is able to step beyond the duality of centripetal and centrifugal forces, and see how the universe is affected by these fundamental forces. The electromagnetic force, according to alchemical synergy, is the life force that permeates the universe and leads to the development of a conscious understanding of the universe.

With alchemical synergy, the goal is to achieve a better understanding of these four forces in order to understand how a person fits into the universe, and how the universe fits around the person. Someone practicing this philosophy will strive to see all things as dependent upon these four fundamental forces, and understand how they relate and interact. By recognizing these forces, the person may then be able to better control himself or herself and effect positive change both within himself or herself and throughout the universe around him or her.


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