What is AIRobics?

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AIRobics is a low impact form of exercise performed on a trampoline. This unique method of cardiovascular workout has been shown to burn up to 1000 calories per hour and is taught at gyms and health clubs around the world. A typical AIRobics exercise routine includes ten minutes of warm-up, 30 minutes of intensive workout, and ten minutes of cool-down exercise.

Trampoline fitness exercise classes are typically taught in gyms with trampoline arenas. These arenas encompass a large room where the floor is quite literally an interconnected series of trampolines. In a smaller gym setting, more traditional trampolines may be employed.

Workouts in AIRobics classes commonly utilize various forms of exercise, some of which can be done without the use of a trampoline. The focus of the workouts, however, are those moves that can only be performed on a trampoline or in a trampoline arena. The feeling of jumping high into the air with full support underfoot lends to a feeling of exhilaration. More importantly, though, the body's movement on the trampoline encourages better balance and coordination in addition to the calorie-burning effects of the workout.


In the warm-up phase of an AIRobics exercise regimen, an instructor will lead the class in a series of low-impact movements to get the body prepped for a more rigorous workout. This might include lunges or squats on the trampoline or making stair-climbing motions to warm-up the legs. Ensuring the legs are strengthened and ready to support the body's weight while jumping is integral to the success of AIRobics.

During the workout period of an AIRobics class, participants will undertake any number and combination of activities. Jumping jacks and jumping into and punching the air are just a few of the exercises that may be performed. Participants may also be advised to partner up with a neighbor and toss a ball back and forth while jumping.

The cool-down phase of AIRobics allows the body to healthfully wind down after the intensity of the main workout. Push-ups, sit-ups, and side planks on the trampoline are common during this period. Lasting little more than ten minutes, the cool-down encourages the heart rate to slowly return to normal so participants can reenter their day renewed and invigorated.

Most instructors who teach AIRobics classes are certified in AIRobics exercise. An instructor may teach classes of varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner instruction to more advanced techniques. Given the exercise's high intensity, low impact style, it has proven popular among people of diverse body types and exercise histories.


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