What Is after Sun Spray?

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After sun spray is a product designed to be applied directly to the skin after an individual has spent a significant amount of time in the sun. It can be used to promote healing from a sunburn, and soothe irritated skin. This type of product is not designed to act as protection from the sun and typically does not contain any form of UV protection or anti-weathering agents, such as waterproofing. It is available for purchase from local drugstores, grocery stores, and online beauty product manufacturers.

The after sun spray can be misted over the body once an individual has spent a desired amount of time in the sun to improve the skin's condition and promote tanning. Sun exposure naturally extracts moisture from the body and dries the upper layers of skin cells. Ingredients contained within the spray can rehydrate these skin cells, returning a plump and healthy look to skin more quickly. It can also be used to repair minor damage that can occur during the beginning stages of a sunburn.


Aloe vera is often a key ingredient found in after sun spray. This organic extract can be combined with a lightweight misting agent that allows the product to be sprayed, rather than rubbed, onto the skin. Aloe extract naturally soothes irritated, inflamed skin, reducing burning sensations and promoting healing. It is commonly used in the treatment of sunburn, and restore health and moisture to damaged skin cells. When applied during the early stages of sunburn, aloe vera can return moisture to damaged cells and help individuals avoid the process of peeling that often occurs as a side effect of overly dry skin.

Lavender oil may also be combined with aloe vera to increase pain relief for dry skin in an after sun spray. Dry skin can become stretched and tight, and may also create a low level burning sensation that gives off heat immediately after sun exposure. Lavender oil works to calm the inflammation of the skin that leads to these unpleasant sensations, and reduce the amount of pain caused by a sunburn.

Those with deeper sunburns who require both pain relief and intense skin damage repair may prefer an after sun spray that uses calamine. This ingredient is commonly applied to minor burns and insect bites to reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation. Once applied to the surface of the damaged area, it begins to numb the affected skin and provides immediate pain relief.


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Post 2

I have actually made my own after sun spray with just three simple ingredients and a spray bottle. All you have to do is mix distilled water, aloe vera, and your favorite essential oil to create a refreshing and soothing spray to use after spending time in the sun. Just be sure to give it a good shake every time you use it so you get the full effects of the aloe and oil.

Post 1

I think that after sun sprays that are made with natural ingredients are definitely better for your skin than those with artificial additives. I use to use whatever I could find on sale, but some sprays would cause my skin to burn. I found several natural after sun sprays at a natural products store, and I love them.

I think that sprays that contain essential oils are great when you don't have a bad sunburn. On the other hand, when you need to treat skin that has been over-exposed to the sun, an after sun spray containing aloe is the best to use.

To be on the safe side, I purchased several sprays to keep on hand. By doing this, I always have the best kinds to use for my skin after a day working outdoors or hanging out at the beach.

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