What Is Acem Meditation?

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Acem meditation is a type of meditation that is considered to be mindful, personal, and non-religious. Meditation techniques were developed based on basic modern psychological and physiological principles as well as research on relaxation techniques and brain activity. The techniques of this type of meditation aim to promote mental freedom and a mind free from control, restraint, and stress. Practices can lead to self discovery and awareness as well as general relaxation.

The basic tenets of acem practices include utilizing individual power and strength and allowing free thinking. Originally developed in Norway, this type of meditation is now practiced in various parts of the world. Acem meditation is not based on a higher power or grace but instead on the individual and their inner abilities. The practice includes the simple repetition of a sound while allowing thoughts to drift in and out of the mind.

Practice sessions are independent and personal. Session frequency and length are dependent on the individual, although there are indications that a half hour of daily practice may produce optimal benefits. It is possible to learn and practice these techniques on an individual and independent basis or with others at meditation workshops and retreats. Instructional books, manuals, and audio guides are also available.


The techniques of acem meditation aim to allow mental freedom rather than attempting to harness or control thoughts. Practices focus on permitting the mind its own free agenda rather than on concentration. Time spent meditating has been shown to have tremendous effects in stress relief and overall relaxation. The focus and mindfulness promoted by acem meditation has been scientifically shown to allow participants to reach a deep level of relaxation that might not otherwise be attainable.

Like other types of meditation, acem meditation is used to develop personal growth, promote relaxation, and for other positive physical health benefits. Many benefits stem from meditation and lowered stress levels. Positive health benefits from practicing acem meditation include lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Participants may also benefit from a strengthened immune system. Health benefits such as these have been proven to improve general health substantially and may increase lifespan.

Those who practice acem meditation have also been proven to perform better under pressure. Meditation techniques may help to reduce chronic pain and stress-related tension as well. Additionally, meditation can help to cure insomnia and restlessness and can increase energy and awareness. Those who practice may also find themselves better prepared for the stresses of daily life in today's world.


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Post 3

What I like about acem meditation is that I don't have to force myself not to think about anything, which is actually very difficult. Other types of meditation require that one pushes out all thoughts and maintains a quiet and still mind. But acem allows thoughts to come and go which is so much easier to do.

Post 2

@SteamLouis-- Meditation is not a new thing but acem meditation is fairly new. It's not too new anymore because it has been around since 1966. Of course, technology and modern psychological studies do help. Although meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years, acem meditation has been thoroughly researched and tested. Experts came up with this meditation after witnessing with the use of brain activity measurements, the types of effects this practice has on an individual.

Post 1

It's kind of interesting to read that meditation has been developed with modern psychology and brain activity research. As far as I know, meditation is a very old practice that has been around for hundreds of years. It is said that it has roots in Buddhism, but it may have been practiced even before that.

Although there are different names given to meditation, the general concept behind each is the same. It involves clearing the mind of thoughts and focusing in silence or with repetitive sounds. Meditation is certainly not something new.

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