What is Acai Plus?

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Acai plus is a nutritional fruit juice that provides numerous health benefits. Acai plus contains three exotic fruits and berries in addition to minerals, antioxidants, herbal tea blends, amino acids, vitamins and energy boosters. These are mangosteen fruit, gogi berry and acai berry. Over 100 additional ingredients include aloe vera gel pulp, whole leaf aloe vera, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, red wine extract and coenzyme Q10.

Mangosteen fruit comes from the mangosteen tree, an evergreen found in the tropical Sunda Islands and Moluccas in Southeast Asia. It is referred to there as the queen of fruits because its antioxidants strengthen the cartilage, joints, respiratory system, intestines and immune system. Natives use it to stave off and treat infections, fevers and pain. The fruit, which has a hard shell and is dark red in color with a soft, sweet pulp, is shipped to India and China, where it is used as a cure for dysentery. Mangosteen fruit has also been used as an ointment to heal skin problems such as eczema.


The gogi berry is called the most powerful anti-aging food. It comes from two plants and grows on vines in China, Tibet and Mongolia, where it is eaten as a local fruit. It is also used in festivals because it supposedly brings about a sense of well being to those who eat it, giving it the nickname happy berry. The goji berry is also used as medicine in China for aiding with circulation, eyesight, liver protection, sperm production, immune system functions and long life.

The taste of the goji berry is sweet, and it is rich in nutrients, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins C, B1 and B2. The nutrients found in the goji berry calm the nerves, aid in memory functions, stimulate muscle growth, lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure. This berry can also ward off liver disease and leukemia and treat Hepatitis B and cervical cancer.

The acai berry, from which acai plus gets its name, is native to the Northern Amazon region in Brazil. Scientists affirm the unsurpassed benefits of this fruit, as well as its antidotal abilities. Said to be the most nutritional fruit in the world, the acai berry has been featured by several newspapers, magazines and health journals for its nutritional and anti-aging aspects.

The round purple acai berry grows on palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Used by Brazilians for hundreds of years, this berry contains healthy fats, iron, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the acai berry contains more powerful antioxidants than red wine grapes. The acai berry’s ingredients work to lower cholesterol, contract the muscles, sustain energy, help the digestive process and reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer.

These fruits and berries, combined with numerous other nutritional ingredients, form the energy supplement known as acai plus. It is not a medicine, cure or drug, but its strong and powerful components allow it to act as though it were all three. Drinking acai juice has been proven to result in positive health effects.


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Acai, from what i have read, is a perfect fruit and should be consumed by all. I would love to be able to purchase this fruit in the uk. Is this possible?

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