What is a Zeolite Detox?

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A zeolite detox uses a special molecule called aluminosilicate to promote complete body toxin cleansing. Unlike other colon cleansing detoxes, zeolite detoxes do not contain fiber, specialized beverages or laxative-rich supplements — it only uses aluminosilicate crystals, which ease toxins out of the digestive tract within six to eight hours of use. Proponents of this molecular detox claim that it balances potenz hydrogen (pH) levels in the body and reduces the risk for numerous cancers, although these claims have not been proved scientifically.

This type of detox can be administered orally in pill, powder or liquid form. If administered in liquid form, several drops are deposited on the tongue every day for at least 30 days, which proponents claim optimizes the detoxification process. In powder form, it usually is mixed with water and sipped several times a day for the same length of time. In pill form, it is usually taken with water once a day.

When ingested, it reportedly binds to heavy metals and toxins at a molecular level, preventing it from being absorbed by the digestive tract and bloodstream. From there, aluminosilicate attracts excess protons from these metals, increasing blood acidity and balancing the blood's pH. As it travels through the intestinal tract, it induces fecal evacuation, emptying the intestinal tract and causing the body to eliminate the excess metals and toxins.


Although some health experts question the safety of the zeolite detox, proponents claim it is safe. In fact, some people claim that it is beneficial for numerous health conditions, including arthritis, acne, urinary tract infections and even cancer. Furthermore, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that aluminosilicate is generally safe for clinical use, although the FDA has not approved it for the treatment of any health conditions.

Numerous sources say that detoxes, including the zeolite detox, have never been clinically shown to remove toxins. The liver, kidneys and intestinal tract already eliminate most, if not all, of the toxins present in the body, so the benefits of detox diets have been questioned. The zeolite detox is reported to have side effects in some people, including dehydration, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. There has not been an official consensus from the health community about claims that it can remove heavy metals, however.


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I wish you would put the warning at the top of the article. Zeolite is quackery. I swear I see people talking about this and "essential oils" and I feel like I'm in the Dark Ages!

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