What is a Yoga Facial?

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A yoga facial is a series of face exercises based on yoga tradition. It is believed that a yoga facial can help to tone, smooth, and soothe the skin of the face, making it appear brighter and younger. Some spas offer a type of yoga facial in which a technician manipulates the skin of the face, but it is also possible to do a yoga facial at home. If you do the exercises faithfully, you will notice a release of facial tension and feel less stress in your face.

The face carries a great deal of tension and energy. As a primary mode of expression, the face may form into hundreds of poses a day reflecting anger, happiness, sorrow, or a range of other emotions. Most individuals have at least a few tense muscles in the face which could benefit from facial exercises designed to loosen and free the muscles.

Like many other holistic practices, a yoga facial begins with an energy focusing exercise. This exercise is called palming, and involves rubbing the hands together briskly to concentrate energy. The palms are placed over your closed eyes while you lie down and relax. Combined with deep breathing, palming is supposed to relieve stress, soothe the optic nerve, and focus your energy after a long day. Palming can be carried out at any time that you are feeling tension or stress.


A yoga facial includes a mixture of poses such as the lion, a pose in which the mouth and eyes are opened as wide as possible while roaring and sticking the tongue out. The lion is supposed to improve circulation and relieve tension. These poses are combined with physical manipulations like gentle facial massage. In a spa, a specialist would lead you through the physical poses and gently massage the skin and muscles of your face. Some spas also include a traditional facial such as a clay facial in the treatment.

Running through all of the exercises which comprise a yoga facial takes approximately 15 minutes, and according to advocates should be done once a day. Long term effects are supposed to include a reduction in tension, an increase in circulation, and less tension related headaches. A yoga facial is also toning, and will improve the general condition of the skin. In combination with a regular yoga practice, it could bring balance and focus to your life, especially if you rarely take time to take care of your body.


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Post 3

Has anyone practiced yoga facials and seen great results? Is it better if you start younger, or can older people still get the same benefits?

I have heard that yoga facials can help remove facial lines by exercising the muscles and tissue beneath the surface, is this true?

I think it sounds like a great and natural way to preserve your looks, but 15 minutes a day is an investment of time that I would need to make room for in an already busy schedule. I would love to hear from others about their experiences before investing my time in something new.

Post 2

Yoga facials seem to be one of the latest trends with articles popping up in magazines and instruction sites becoming readily available online. You can search for some really interesting before and after photos to see some great results.

If you don't find the information you want searching for 'yoga facial' try 'non-surgical face lifts', which generally use the same exercises.

For beginners you can search for videos that will show you some introductory poses and general guidelines to help you get the best results. While this practice is age old, it just seems to be hitting the mainstream beauty circuit.

Post 1

I am a psychiatrist, but the reason I am writing is because my wife, Claudia Garcia, is a facial plastic surgeon who has written a very interesting book in Spanish about facial yoga, and its uses in helping to prevent the effects of aging.

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